Linda McMahon: Why Her Presence on RAW Is Needed Now More Than Ever

David LevinSenior Writer IINovember 10, 2012

The trail has come to an end. Two campaigns, two losses and over $97 million later, Linda McMahon will jump back into the reality that her family is all about—the wrestling business. Not a bad way to make a living, especially when your husband is one of the most successful businessmen in the world.

But the curious question now begins: What happens to Linda McMahon?

After licking her wounds and realizing how being affiliated with television’s greatest reality soap opera hurt her attempt at “making a difference,” McMahon is needed right where she started everything, in the ring.

When The McMahons (Vince, Linda, Shane and Stephanie) all took part on Raw and got involved in storylines and chaos and, yes, even wrestled, it was some of the best vignettes and programs the WWE has ever come up with. It was The Bundys to the extreme. It was a ratings boon and it helped kick WCW’s ass for a while and beat the rival company into submission.

I’m not saying the WWE will return to the days of “Attitude” or that we'll see DX and their crazy antics from the past, mainly because we cannot recreate something that has already been and expect it to be better than it was.

What I am saying is that McMahon should come back to Raw and make a statement, take over the whole damn thing, push Vinnie Mac around and tell him he isn’t doing his job. She would fire off a few bombs in the process.

Couldn’t you just see it happening? Vince in the ring trying to make sense of the Survivor Series situation and Linda, walking down the ramp, giving him the “What for?” telling him how she sacrificed for him and lost the campaigns because of his company? Then, she fires Vickie Guerrero from her assumed position and immediately calls for a Vickie vs. AJ match at Survivor Series.

It would blow the roof off the arena that night. And it certainly would give us all the more fodder to talk about.

It also means the McMahons would again rule nighttime television.

The reason the WWE struggles with wrestling excitement at times is because it fails to keep its finger on the pulse of the fans. It has let several programs falter and has not worked hard enough with its writers to further advance scripts. This needs to change. While the Raw general manager has taken on one of the most important “roles” in the show, it really isn’t needed.

This is not Jack Tunney back in the 1980s. This is not the NWA with its nine board members trying to determine a world champion.

Let Linda be the voice of reason. Let there be infighting between her and Vince. Let there be disagreements with Paul Heyman or with, better yet, Stephanie or Triple H.

That is what the reality of the WWE is all about. And nothing could be more real than a woman scorn after losing a very hotly contested election.