Team Puerto Rico Doesn't Show Up to WBC Game Versus Venezuela

Juni RamosCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2009

(This is a photo of Delgado striking out in the fifth with the opportunity to change the outcome of the game)

To be fair, Puerto Rico actually did show up to the game, but their intensity, their focus, and most importantly their offense was a total no show.

Team Venezuela completely dominated my favorite to win, Team Puerto Rico, two to nada (2-0) and effectively put an end to Puerto Rico's win streak in the Classic.

Previous offensive threats Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, Pudge Rodriguez, and Alex Rios were not even a factor in this poor showing of offensive bravado.

Venezuela starter Felix Hernandez was simply impeccable. He dealt seven strikeouts to a very powerful line up in team Puerto Rico and did not let one run score in 4 2/3 innings.

Making this game a pitcher's duel, Ian Snell from team P.R. wasn't too shabby himself getting only tagged for one run through four innings.

But that one run made all the difference throughout the game as Team Puerto Rico could not touch Hernandez and were all looking foolish by the end of the game.

To add insurance to the win, Ramon Hernandez smacked a massive home run that hit about five feet behind the scoreboard. At first they weren't calling it a home run even though us at home saw very clearly in the replay that the ball cleared the scoreboard before it bounced back on the field.

After five minutes of nothing, the umpires finally came to the obvious conclusion that it was in fact a home run making the score 2-0.

That got me thinking about instant replays in MLB. Do we need them? I'm not sure, but it was very annoying to have the game interrupted for five minutes and I bet Ramon Hernandez was not happy about having to stand on third base for five minutes in suspense while they deliberated.

As the announcer said, "That was the longest home run trot in baseball history!"

Overall the Puerto Ricans played terrible offensively, but it wasn't a blow out like the P.R vs USA game.

Speaking of Team USA, it's do or die for both teams now, as the stakes couldn't be higher in this much anticipated rematch.

USA has had a rash of injuries as of late and had a dismal performance last time these two juggernauts met.

Can Team USA overcome the odds?

Can Team Puerto Rico rebound to their previous offensive greatness?

It's win and move onto the Semi Finals or lose and go home for both teams.

Either way it's going to be interesting down there tonight in Miami.


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