WWE Needs to Emphasize the Unpredictability of the WWE Title Match on Raw

Cardiff Wanderer@@CardiffWandererCorrespondent IINovember 12, 2012

All Pictures From WWE.com
All Pictures From WWE.com

John Cena’s inclusion in the WWE title match at Survivor Series means the collision of two of the company’s top feuds. It also means one of the most unpredictable main events in recent memory, as there are so many elements could have an effect on the final outcome.

Outside Cena, and his two opponents CM Punk and Ryback, there are four wrestling personalities who could be expected to interfere in Sunday’s encounter. So there will be plenty of combustible elements going into the matchup, and this can only add to the spectacle of a main event that has only had two weeks of build-up. 

Yet this scenario will be most unpredictable if WWE is subtle in its approach to tonight’s episode of Raw by keeping the storylines apart, while ensuring that those outside influences want to get involved.

Most of the additional threats come from the John Cena feud, where he is accused by Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler of having an affair with AJ Lee. 

Somehow WWE must intertwine the idea of Cena having a championship run in with this current story, so that Guerrero and Ziggler want to get involved —and most likely stop Cena from winning— thereby drawing AJ to the ring as well.

The obvious opportunity to create a moment on Raw where Vickie’s ire is raised is in her latest attempts to prove that Cena and AJ have had an affair. Perhaps Cena will then produce a trump card that proves—or appears to prove— that both he and AJ are innocent. Such a moment, especially if it can embarrass Guerrero in some way, will be the perfect point to open up the chance of invasion at Survivor Series.  

This must all coincide with CM Punk’s desperate plan to get the better of the seemingly unstoppable Ryback with the help of his manager Paul Heyman. 

Their plans to undermine the hungriest man in sports entertainment may go on to involve Cena and his additional issues, but the tension would be far greater at Survivor Series if the two feuds look like they are going to clash with unknown results.

It may turn out that Vickie Guerrero and Paul Heyman had something planned all along —the two certainly have a business relationship on screen, even if it is not always a functional one— but to produce the most excitement any revelation should remain hidden until their plan comes together.

Of course this will be a difficult balancing act for the WWE to perform, as Ryback only has a limited character at this point. It would be very tempting to throw Cena into the mix and use his chemistry with Punk to fill time on the show—and sell Sunday’s event.

However, the painstaking time spent keeping the two issues apart will definitely be worth the trouble, as fans across the world will be more intrigued by the unknowns entering the event than anything that the WWE can manufacture.

The WWE’s choice to amalgamate John Cena into the title picture could well be an inspired move, as there are so many questions that could come up going into Survivor Series. As long as the unpredictability is emphasized in some way on Raw, interest in the next pay-per-view is going to skyrocket.