Results and Review from TNA's Turning Point of 2012

Charlie GSenior Writer INovember 12, 2012

TNA Turning Point 2012 is now in the history books and it was quite the event. 

Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy were featured in a brutal main event ladder match, TNA debuted a new three man broadcast team, TNA also helped donate to Hurricane Sandy victims with the Red Cross, and it was all rolled together into one great night of action.

The event started with TNA taking some time out for Hurricane Sandy victims. Taz was seen in the ring with a microphone discussing the storm.

He said that TNA would like to help all of those who were affected by it. He then welcomed Bully Ray and local radio host, Buckethead.

Buckethead asked for all the fans to pull out their cell phones and text a specific number to the Red Cross.

With each texts, $10 would be donated to all of those who were affected by Sandy. After the texting was done, Bully Ray started a "TNA!" chant before a night of action kicked off.

The entire opening being dedicated to Hurricane Sandy was a nice gesture, especially since it was during TNA's pay-per-view time.

That's the only real Hurricane relief help that I've seen from any wrestling company thus far.


Television Championship: Samoa Joe def. Magnus

Turning Point kicked off in a big way with this match.

Champion and challenger brought the best out of each other in this "No Disqualification" matchup. I would even goes as far as saying that this match was better than their previous one at Bound For Glory.

Even with the "No DQ" stipulation, use of weapons was very limited—there was only one chair shot from Magnus.

The end result saw Samoa Joe plant Magnus into the mat with a Muscle Buster. To, just about everyone's surprise, Magnus kicked out at two.

Magnus used the ropes to get to his feet only to flip the, "Samoan Submission Machine" off and ask for more punishment. Joe answered back with multiple slaps to the face before ducking a punch and locking in a Coquina Clutch.

The referee, Brian Stiffler, saw Magnus had passed out and called the match. Your winner, as result of a submission, Samoa Joe.

This was a great, explosive way to kick off the night. One must wonder, though, what will happen to Magnus after several failed attempts at the TV title.


Eric Young & ODB def. Jessie Godderz & Tara

Eric Young would finally make his return to TNA in order to help his wife, ODB, in a battle to see who is truly the, "power couple" of IMPACT Wrestling.

Despite having somewhat of a comedic approach when hyping the match, there weren't many laughs during this match.

When all four competitors could surely go inside the ring. For his first pay-per-view match, Jessie Godderz did quite good for himself.

I predicted that the, "Hollywood couple" would do some cheating in this match, but it was actually ODB who did! EY was taking a beating from Tara and Jessie so, as the ref was distracted, ODB spit her "liquid courage" in Jessie's face then kicked him in the yambag, as Taz would say! 

As per usual, when EY takes his pants off, he means business. The shorts came off and EY flew with a huge elbow drop off the top rope onto Godderz. Hopefully, this win could lay some of those, "EY leaving TNA" rumors to rest.

Fun match.


X-Division Championship: RVD def. Joey Ryan

The challenger, Joey Ryan, made his way to the ring and quickly asked for a microphone. He announced that his ally, Matt Morgan, would not be present in the match because he requested it; not Hulk Hogan.

Despite not having that great of a build behind it, I enjoyed this match. 

Joey Ryan looked impressive and RVD did, well, whatever it is RVD does. The two clicked and had some nice back and forth action.

Joey Ryan shown his X-Division skill with a well-exectued suicide dive. At one point, Joey Ryan even debuted his signature move, The Mustache Ride, to the TNA fans. Even Joey Ryan's critics (Taz) were amazed by the move.

It wouldn't be a Joey Ryan match without a little sleaze, however. The sleazy one rolled RVD up into a pin and proceeded to get his feet on the ropes for leverage. Even that wouldn't keep the champ down as he rallied back and, eventually, won with a Five Star Frog Splash.

As RVD celebrated his victory all the way up the entrance ramp, "The Blueprint" made his presence felt. The seven foot giant laid out the X-Division Champion (again) with a big Carbon Footprint.


DOC def. Joseph Park

The Chicago-based lawyer spent the early going of this match simply ducking and dodging the Aces and Eights henchman. As things spun out of Park's control, the fight got more and more one-sided. Doc was kicking Park's ass with ease.

Just as Park dug down and started to fight back, DOC, with his belt wrapped around his fist, punched Park in the face. The lawyer went down and the Director of Chaos began to celebrate an early victory.

Like we've seen in the past, the sight of blood would unleash a monster within Joseph Park. Park rallied a comeback and even planted the biker with a Black Hole Slam.

When Park came to his senses, he attempted a pin but DOC kicked out. The A&8s member fought back to win the match with a choke slam, like we've seen him do in the past.

With Park knocked out, DOC went under the ring to grab his trusty hammer; the same one that he used on TNA Hall of Famer, Sting. Luckily, Bully Ray arrived on scene and prevented any post-match attack. 

Despite their problems in the past, Bully Ray helped Joseph Park to his feet and even raised his arm before the IMPACT crowd. A moral victory for the Chicago lawyer.


Tag Team Championship: Chavo & Hernandez def. Daniels & Kazarian

Both teams were very evenly matched in the first half of this match. However, as the match waged on, Daniels and Kazarian singled out Chavo and put a target on his ribs.

The former two-time tag team champions worked over Chavo's ribcage and, the classic strategy, cut the ring in half. Daniels and Kazarian isolated Hernandez and just dissected Chavo Guerrero. They even decide to dance gangnam style.

Daniels and Kazarian's momentum would be put to an immediate stop upon the hot tag to "SuperMex" Hernandez. The big man came in and tossed his opponents around as if they were part of TNA's new Deluxe IMPACT action figure collection.

Hernandez tossed Kazarian outside the ring, then hoisted Daniels onto his shoulders. As Hernandez had Daniels sitting on his shoulders, Chavo Guerrero leaped off the top rope and nailed a perfect cross body for the win.

Chavo and Hernandez picked up a very impressive victory, and their finishing move was crazy. Daniels set up for almost, like, an electric chair only to have Chavo splash down onto him. Great tag team action.

With their rematch lost, I wonder what'll happen to Daniels and Kazarian. Also, who's next to challenge the champions? I'm hoping for the Robbies to step up to the plate.


No. 1 Contenders Match: James Storm def. AJ Styles & Bobby Roode

This match was simply phenomenal. Storm, AJ, and Roode are three of the greatest homegrown TNA talents you could find. 

Earlier in the night, each guy was interviewed by JB. All of them promised to leave Turning Point as the number one contender. However, it was AJ Styles' interview/promo which put some doubt on him. Having AJ bring up the fact that he hasn't been World Champion in three years made me think that he was going to lose.

This match was everything a fan would hope it could be, and the action was all over the place. Each guy hit most of their signature moves, and TNA even teased a Beer Money reunion with the classic double suplex.

In the end, Roode had AJ positioned for his Pay-Off fisherman's suplex. James Storm ran in from behind to hit Roode with a backstabber, then quickly knock AJ out with the Last Call. "The Cowboy" pinned AJ and got the win.

James Storm is the new number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and AJ Styles cannot get a World title opportunity until Bound For Glory 2013.

This was my favorite match of the year, and a definite 'Match of the Year' candidate. TNA has a chance of doing something big with AJ Styles now. They could arrange for him to win the 2013 BFG Series and reenter the title hunt just when this stipulation expires.


Kurt Angle def. Devon

These two veterans worked a nicely paced back and forth match. Both guys managed to hit their finishers, but to no avail. It also looked as if Devon might have injured his ankle or his knee at one point, which is unfortunate.

The commentary team jokingly brought up, "Kurt Angle is a cyborg" jokes and whatnot. 

Towards the end of the match, five members of Aces and Eights surrounded the ring. Kurt Angle, not one to get distracted easily, still made Devon tap out in the Ankle Lock and quickly escape the ring before the bikers could get to him.

When the gang first showed up, you could clearly hear some fans chanting, "Garett Bischoff!" and pointing at one of the masked men, which I thought was funny.

Anyway, as Kurt Angle escaped the ring, DOC was livid. He was screaming, "You're next!" or, "You're dead!" at the Olympic Gold Medalist after the match. Maybe Angle vs. DOC is up next?

It was a good match while it lasted, but nothing really eventful (Another member being unmasked or something) happened.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy def. Austin Aries

I have yet to find someone who has something negative to say about this match. This ladder match was fierce, it was brutal, and it was chaotic.

Multiple ladders were used in the match, and almost all of them ended up broken in some way. Aries and Hardy were relentless in this match and some of the spots were flat-out insane.

Hardy diving into a ladder, leaping off of ladders, taking nasty bumps off of ladders, and even performing a Twist of Fate while standing on a ladder which was balancing on the very top turnbuckle.

Alongside the triple threat, this match is a strong candidate for match of the night and match of the year. This was absolutely crazy. To quote former TNA announcer Don West, "That was freakin' insane!"

This match definitely brings life to the phrase, "seeing is believing". If you haven't seen this match, you must sometime.

Incredibly dangerous and, at times, painful to even watch some of the spots; this match definitely delivered and both guys went through hell and back just for the entertainment of the fans. They definitely deserve all of the props and respect out of this one.

Jeff Hardy ascended the top of a ladder to retain his World Championship.



Turning Point, from top to bottom, was a great pay-per-view. It was definitely worth all the money I spent on it, and has some solid backing for 'PPV of the Year'.

Every match delivered with some entertaining action and just about all the grounds were covered. The women's wrestling, the X-Division, the tag team action, the technical prowess, and, of course, the incredibly hardcore action.

TNA continues to find great success in 2012, and hopefully it continues as we approach the end of the year.

TNA Turning Point 2012 is another addition to my list of, "TNA PPVs I Need to Buy on DVD" ha ha.


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