Wade Barrett: Will the Barrett Barrage Get More Momentum on Raw or SmackDown?

Hector Diaz@@iamhectordiazAnalyst INovember 14, 2012

via WWE.com
via WWE.com

Despite a slew of high-profile vignettes, the Barret Barrage has not done much on either Raw or SmackDown.

He has been void of a storyline ever since he returned from injury, although he has been sparingly being thrown into the Sheamus/Big Show feud. 

Barrett has shown that he is capable of being one of the top superstars in any show, but which one would benefit him the most?

The English-born superstar had been a part of Raw during the big Nexus angle a few years back and has also been a part of SmackDown. WWE tends to keep various superstars on separate shows as a result of the brand split, though that has not been addressed at all after creating the Raw Supershow. 

Nevertheless, Barrett can thrive in both shows. The Raw and SmackDown shows that recently took place in England are indicative of Barrett's global popularity, given that he had one of the biggest pops in recent memory.

Notably, WWE pitted Barrett in a tag team match with Big Show against William Regal and Sheamus. This match was obviously booked to pander to the roaring English crowd, but it did show that Barrett and Sheamus match up well. 

A feud with Sheamus on SmackDown can be a classic bout of international brawlers. Adding Barrett to SmackDown’s World Heavyweight Championship picture can also add to the realism of champion Big Show, since only larger wrestlers can realistically compete against the giant.

On Raw, Barrett would most likely face superstars like The Miz, CM Punk and John Cena. These three in particular have each already won the WWE Championship and are established veterans. And while Barrett himself is far from being a novice, he can definitely get an even bigger push by going up against the Raw elite.

Barrett could potentially rekindle his feud with John Cena, minus the Nexus angle. Or he can use the Nexus angle and feud with CM Punk, considering that the WWE Champion became the leader of the New Nexus after Barrett’s unceremonious exit from the group.

No matter what long-term decision WWE makes concerning Barrett, it is a safe bet that the bare-knuckle brawler will ascend to the upper echelon of current WWE superstars.