Manchester City: Why Radamel Falcao Is Worth Paying the World for in January

Phil Keidel@@PhilKeidelContributor IINovember 12, 2012

If you cannot defend, you must score. A lot. Falcao does that.
If you cannot defend, you must score. A lot. Falcao does that.Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Radamel Falcao is worth paying the world for in January because Manchester City's only chance to win the Premier League this season is to score an outrageous number of goals.

Sarcastic questions may follow that assertion. "So you are saying it is a good idea to score goals in football? Did you stay up all night coming up with that?"

While goal scoring is obviously crucial, the point here is that—given City's myriad defensive problems—the team has no realistic hope of defending its league title unless it pours in goals by the handful. This is just not a side that can count on winning a lot of 1-0 and 2-1 fixtures.

City has played 16 matches in all competitions (not counting the FA Community Shield exhibition). Even in the 13 matches City won or tied, they trailed eight times. So far this season, City has kept a clean sheet only three times. This is just not adequate defending at the highest level of football.

City boasts a strong back line. Vincent Kompany is still in the discussion as to the league's best center backs. Joleon Lescott, Pablo Zabaleta and Gael Clichy would start for most other clubs in the Premiership. But if the back line is so strong, why all the conceded goals? And why so much trouble defending set pieces? (Via 

Granted, there have been injuries to the back line. Micah Richards is going to be out for quite a while (Via The Guardian). Maicon returned to action against Tottenham Hotspur over the weekend, and Lescott is nearly fit again (Via Still, a squad with City's resources should be able to weather these temporary personnel limitations without constantly having to chase the game.

Assuming that City's defense is not going to suddenly become impenetrable, the unfortunate fact is that City is going to need to add scoring punch if they hope to defend their title in the Premiership. And, since money is no object, City might as well spend whatever it takes to pry Falcao from Atletico Madrid.

Falcao is averaging a goal per game in La Liga while leading Atletico Madrid to a surprising second place in the league table (Via He is 26 years old and clearly entering the prime of his career. Adding Falcao to City's already potent offensive attack would cause further consternation for league rivals Manchester United and Chelsea.

Speaking of Chelsea, it is no secret that the Blues are after Falcao and that Roberto Mancini is trying to thwart the efforts of Roman Abramovich to land Falcao (Via the Daily Mail). If Mancini succeeds, Manchester City's signing of Falcao serves not only to bolster City's squad but also to deprive City's competitors of Falcao's services.

Almost certainly, Falcao's arrival at the Etihad would be coupled closely with Mario Balotelli's departure. It is sad to say, but given Balotelli's recent form and the ongoing headaches he causes, it might be time for the temperamental Italian striker to embrace a new start elsewhere. When Mancini left Balotelli out over the weekend, he may have been telling Balotelli to prepare for a move. (Via the Daily Mail)

Manchester City has repeatedly exhibited a willingness to seek out and pay for world-class talent at every position. Acquiring Falcao is in line with that method.

And given City's defensive issues, acquiring Falcao is an absolute necessity for a side that can only win consistently by scoring goals in bunches.