The Miz: Why The Awesome One Deserves to Return to the Top of WWE

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistNovember 13, 2012

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Since losing the WWE Championship to John Cena at Over The Limit in 2011, The Miz has been in a state a flux. However, with his character slowly evolving and his off-screen presence expanding as well, now is the time for The Miz to ascend back into the main-event scene.

Reviews were mixed regarding The Miz's run with the company's top prize, but he did beat Cena in the main event of WrestleMania XXVII, which was a vote of confidence in him as a future face of the company. Miz hasn't really been in the main-event mix since that time, however, though his drought seems likely to come to an end.

While Cena is the WWE's go-to guy when it comes to promoting the company in other forms of media, The Miz has probably nabbed the No. 2 spot in that area. Not only does he do tons of interviews, but he will be starring in two upcoming movies and is the main character in Mick Foley's Christmas children's book. Miz has the personality of a top star and not the mid-carder that he has portrayed for well over a year.

Based on the way things have been going for Miz as of late, it seems as though the WWE has finally come to that realization. His Intercontinental Championship run was handled badly, but since dropping the title to Kofi Kingston, Miz has been different. He walked out on CM Punk's Survivor Series team because Punk bailed on a brawl, he offered Kofi a handshake and now he'll be competing for Foley's face team on Sunday.

The Miz could pull a fast one and side with the heels, but he has a lot of crowd support suddenly and pulling the trigger on a face turn is the right move. If that happens at Survivor Series, then his eventual rise to the top of the card is inevitable. The WWE is lacking when it comes to main-event face depth, so Miz would be an instant hit.

There is no question that Miz is a natural heel, and I have really enjoyed watching his maturation as a WWE superstar. Part of that maturation, though, is evolving and catering to what the company needs at a certain point in time. What the WWE undoubtedly needs now is another top-level face for SmackDown and The Miz is the perfect person to fill that void.

Sheamus has done a nice job on the blue brand, but it feels like the fans have grown tired of him. His meteoric rise heading into WrestleMania was new and exciting, but the fact that he feuded with Alberto Del Rio for months and mowed down every opponent in sight made him stale. Something fresh is needed, and nothing would be fresher than Miz.

I envision him being very similar to someone like Chris Jericho or Edge as a face. That means that rather than being the typical, smiley, baby-kissing face like John Cena or Kofi Kingston, he'll be more edgy and sarcastic. One of The Miz's best traits is his cocky attitude, but just because he may be turning face doesn't mean that he has to abandon it.

Miz has the charisma and the personality necessary to transition from heel to face seamlessly and the WWE needs to take advantage of that. While the WWE Championship picture with Punk, Cena and Ryback is self-sustaining until The Rock enters the mix at Royal Rumble, the World Heavyweight Championship scene needs a B12 shot in the form of Miz.

The Miz's return to the top is long overdue, because he should have been in the world title mix even when he was a heel. It's better for the WWE to realize The Miz's value late rather than never, though, and I expect The Miz to be in possession of the big gold belt by WrestleMania.


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