A Look at Miz's Potential as a Babyface and Why He Deserves to Be Cheered in WWE

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistNovember 14, 2012


This week on Raw we found out that Miz will be joining Team Foley at Survivor Series this Sunday.

This seems to indicate a long-needed face turn on the horizon for the awesome one, but what kind of babyface will he be?

Sometimes when guys go from heel to face their gimmick changes, largely because their heel gimmick was very brutal or not workable as a good guy. Take Edge, for example. Edge was a heel whose character was basically downright evil. When he changed to a babyface he lost that edge, no pun intended.

Miz is not the same kind of heel as a guy like Edge. Edge was a brutal and calculating heel who was vicious in his approach.

Miz falls more into the category of a cocky heel who is simply annoying and full of himself, but not necessarily evil.

Miz likes to declare he is awesome and while a cocky statement like that might not go over so well for most babyfaces it could be this level of self-worth he has that sets him apart from the crowd.

Guys like Shawn Michaels and The Rock were also cocky babyfaces who changed little about their character when they became good guys, other than the fact that they shifted their insults from the fans to the bad guys in the locker room.

Miz is a great heel, but he could end up being just as good of a babyface if he retains what made him a great heel and uses it as a face.

Nobody wants to see Miz high-fiving babies and smiling from ear to ear just because he wants to be liked as much as Kofi Kingston.

What we want to see is Miz keep that cocky attitude and use it to get over how The Rock did when he first blew up as a babyface.

Before anyone grabs their pitchfork and torch to run me out of town, let me just say that Miz is not on the same level as The Rock, but he is in a similar situation.

The Rock went from smiling and shaking hands with everyone to telling us all to shove it, and we loved him for it. Every catchphrase and every self-promoting word he muttered were lauded by audiences because he was so entertaining while doing it.

Not everyone would be able to walk out on the stage and call themselves the great one and get away with it. The Rock did it with ease.

Miz is just as cocky as The Rock was, and that attitude of "I am better than everyone in the locker room" will serve him well as a babyface.

When Miz was teaming with Kane on Monday it was clear the fans had already accepted him as a face when they started chanting "Miz is awesome."

If you asked me two years ago if that chant would ever happen I would tell you to seek professional help. Now it does not surprise me one bit. Sometimes the fans tell WWE what they want and on Monday, it was clear that they wanted to cheer for Miz, and why shouldn't they?

Miz is a truly inspirational success story that has literally been documented on video for over a decade, beginning back when he joined The Real World. Miz was vocal about his love of wrestling while on the reality show and he would happily use a foam belt he bought at a costume shop like it was the real thing. After numerous years of MTV challenge shows he joined Tough Enough to see if he had what it took. The road did not get any easier from there.

He pushed and pushed until WWE finally gave him something to do on SmackDown as the host of the Divas Search.

It was not an ideal start, but he was clearly never deterred by anything negative people perceived or said about him due to the fact that he has exceeded all expectations.

Once he finally found his niche as a heel on ECW he really started to flourish. His show with John Morrison was WWE's most popular feature before all this YouTube stuff became the norm.

After winning the WWE title, main-eventing WrestleMania and doing just about everything else a wrestler could want to do, it appears that he has just one mountain left to climb.

Being a fan-favorite does not come easily, especially after such an extended run as a heel, but Miz has always shown that he is willing to do the work necessary to make it happen. You do not have to like The Miz, but you have to respect him for being someone who had a clear goal and an uphill battle in front of him and never faltered once in his journey.

It will be very interesting to see how Miz works as a babyface, especially after the PPV.

What do you think?

Should Miz keep his same cocky attitude as a babyface?

Will fans cheer for him after booing him for so long?


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