Survivor Series 2012: Realistic Predictions

Pedro SuarezCorrespondent IIINovember 14, 2012

Survivor Series 2012 will likely be a tough pay-per-view to predict, and not necessarily because WWE has done a great job in creating uncertainty, but more out of a lack of preparation and presentation for what might occur.

WWE's lack of build for Survivor Series as a conscious strategy to generate surprise is up for debate.  Nonetheless, there is enough information to make some realistic predictions.

United States Championship

Antonio Cesaro has put on some impressive bouts with some tough opponents, and his reign is not yet over. Although R-Truth definitely has the potential to take Cesaro out with a surprise win, it is more likely that the current champion will continue to build legitimacy and respect as a formidable heel. But don't sleep on this match, as I think it'll be one of the best of the night.

Divas Championship

In a storyline that has been lazily dragged along, most viewers have lost interest in any build that this feud might have had. But this stems more from the lack of interest in the Divas division in general with the loss of talents like Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix. 

The division has needed a huge overall for some time.This match could go either way as the WWE might attempt to generate some interest with a new champion. Kaitlyn has a strong chance of coming out with the win.

World Heavyweight Championship

One of the few properly built feuds for Survivor Series, this match will only add to the success of Hell in Cell. In this clash of the titans, expect both superstars to pull out all the stops as we'll see some real tests of strength.

Nonetheless, I expect Big Show to come out with win, either by cheating, or retaining the title by disqualification. The match might even end in a draw if both superstars take each other out, but it'll still end with Big Show holding the title.

5 on 5 Survivor Series Match

This match should have some really good spots and fans will likely be very entertained in one of the more physically competitive matches of the night. However, I expect Team Hell No to cost Team Foley the win with Daniel Bryan's recent jealous antics on RAW with Kane and Miz. Team Ziggler for the win.

WWE Championship

I fully expect that come Monday night, CM Punk will somehow arrive at 365 days as reigning champion. It will add a lot more heft to his egotistical rampage for respect and generate more interest when he does eventually lose the title.

Expect Cena and Ryback to battle over Punk (not necessarily the title) which will work in Punk's favor as a distraction for him to eventually pin one of his unsuspecting opponents. There is also the likelihood that Brad Maddox will interfere is some way, although that has not been made fully clear.

When Cena does regain the WWE Championship, it will be at a much bigger venue with more hype and presentation. I don't fully believe that WWE management are entirely convinced that Ryback is ready for the WWE Championship. There has been more evidence, instead, for a Ryback/Cena feud.


In conclusion, Survivor Series will likely have some great spots and entertaining moments, but the lack of strong build for most of the card suggests that this PPV will not have any huge surprises. Of course, I'm always happy to be proven wrong.