WWE Rumors: CM Punk's WrestleMania 29 Status Revealed

Gone Baby GoneContributerNovember 14, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

For a few weeks now there has been speculation as to who will be champion come WrestleMania, and more importantly, who will close the show?

Now it appears we may have an answer, according to F4WOnline.com (via WrestlingInc.com). "As recently as last week, WWE creative was forwarding storylines with the idea that CM Punk will be featured in the closing match of WrestleMania 29."

It appears CM Punk will finally be getting the respect he has been longing for.

Overall, if this does indeed happen, it will be a defining moment in Punk's career. It will mark the first time that he headlines a WrestleMania. Ultimately, Punk has been a workhorse for the company, and this move will show that the WWE appreciates his hard work and dedication.

Personally, I am hoping to see Punk-Rock II for the WWE title.

The fact is, if The Rock beats Punk at the Royal Rumble and becomes WWE champ, he probably won't hold it past WrestleMania. Especially considering that he will have to do press for the upcoming G.I. Joe sequel. According to IMDB.com, his foreseeable film schedule looks jam-packed.

So, if a Punk-Rock rematch is in the works, we could witness Punk become a part of an elite few who have beaten "The Great One" at WrestleMania. Let's face it, with the exception of tag matches and a four-way match, Stone Cold Steve Austin is the only man to defeat The Rock in a one-on-one bout.

Ultimately, if Punk can pull this off, he could be ranked among the WrestleMaina immortals.

In the end, WrestleMania is still five months away, and anything can happen. Luckily, for both Punk and the WWE, he is not injury prone and has worked through any and everything the company has thrown at him. Which should bode well for his staying power heading into "The Granddaddy of Them All".

As usual, only time will tell if this proves to be true. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens, and if the WWE has enough faith in Punk to let him close the show.