WWE Survivor Series 2012: Could Miz Turn on Team Foley After All?

Robert AitkenAnalyst INovember 15, 2012

It has been an unusual last couple of weeks for The Miz, who was selected as a member of Team Punk a few weeks back for Sunday's Survivor Series pay-per-view. Team Punk is now Team Ziggler, but The Miz quit the team before any of those changes happened.

Two weeks ago, The Miz walked away from that match, only to return to it this past Monday night as a member of the other team. Now, The Miz is the final member of Team Foley for this Sunday, joining Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Kane and Kofi Kingston.

This has led many to believe that The Miz is finally a face for the first time in his career since his days as the host of Smackdown. Back then, The Miz did chants like the Marines, did stupid segments like the Divas Search and got berated by commentator JBL. Are we getting ahead of ourselves a tad with this thinking of The Miz finally seeing the error of his ways? What if The Awesome One ultimately helps Team Ziggler win this Sunday and keeps his true colors the same?

Turning on your team at Survivor Series is far from a rare thing. The longer that a superstar who is on the fence of babyface and heel is in the match, the more likelihood of him deciding the fates of both teams in that match.

It wasn't at Survivor Series, but in a similar match at Bragging Rights, it was Big Show turning on Team Raw to assist Team Smackdown win that became the first real shocker in the history of that defunct pay-per-view. Just as Kurt Angle helping Team WWE against The Alliance in 2001, a double-cross at Survivor Series is a tradition as old as the pay-per-view, which occurs for the 26th time this weekend.

Let's look at the facts of the past two weeks, shall we? The Miz quit the team last week when speaking to Paul Heyman backstage. To think that Heyman does not have a diabolical plan for anything involving CM Punk is lazy. Punk needed an underhanded way to defeat Team Foley at Survivor Series and The Miz quitting could have simply been step one.

The Miz had a problem with a champion getting away from his problems, something he has been seen doing in his reigns in the past. Why would he suddenly have a problem with this?

This led The Miz, who was on the poster for the event, to be taken off the card. He made reference to this on Monday night when on the phone with someone. This was after Punk was removed from his own team as well and Ryback was taken off of Team Foley, leaving one spot open. The Miz, without another move to take, went to Foley backstage with the desire to join his team. The Miz was put on the ballot and selected by the WWE Universe to join Team Foley.

After being selected to the team, The Miz faced Team Rhodes Scholars in a match with Kane, one half of Team Hell No.

The Miz seemed to be embracing the cheers from the crowd, but do not forget that he was in his home state of Ohio that night. One match being cheered near your hometown doesn't justify years of being a manipulative heel right before a major event like Survivor Series. He also seemed to bring jealousy bubbling to the surface for Daniel Bryan. Was that all part of the plan?

The Miz could have been the one initially to interfere for CM Punk at Survivor Series, helping him to win the triple threat WWE Championship match, only to see that Ryback was removed from Team Foley and that a spot was available. Even though they are no longer facing one another, Punk and Heyman still wish to see a loss for Foley's team this Sunday.

Rookie Brad Maddox had a pep talk from Heyman this past week, a man who was very critical of him when he was a crooked referee. Maddox lost his match against Ryback with a million dollar contract on the line and the question on the minds of fans was, where was the assistance by Heyman or Punk for the guy?

Their affiliation could be on the front burner this Sunday if Maddox interferes in the Survivor Series match, perhaps as a fan jumping from the crowd for another bit of his 15 minutes of fame. That could have been the original job for The Miz, only for it to be more of a shock for Maddox, who didn't even put up a fight against Ryback. Wouldn't Maddox at least try to throw a punch or dive from the top rope? It was almost like he wasn't trying to win the match at all.

What has been spelled out here might be just as crazy as Heyman's master plan. You cannot put anything past Heyman, who also has a wild card in his back pocket by the name of Brock Lesnar. Anything can ultimately happen, but to think that Heyman isn't the puppet master this Sunday is misleading. Heyman turned his back on Lesnar at Survivor Series to help Big Show become WWE Champion ten years ago in 2002.

Heyman could have a stranglehold on a pay-per-view in a way that only a faction or a McMahon ever has if he is still involved in this Team Foley/Team Ziggler match. It may seem more complicated than it will end up, but with Ziggler slipping in as team captain and being able to captain a winning Survivor Series team, current Raw authority figure Vickie Guerrero gets what she wants and everyone wins theoretically.

Who knows for certain what is going on in the head of The Miz? Is Daniel Bryan not crazy for not trusting The Awesome One? It is a possibility flying under the radar, but certainly one that could be a major headline this Sunday at the 26th Survivor Series.