Odds JaQuay Williams Flips from Auburn to Georgia or Texas A&M After His Visits

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIINovember 15, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Four-star receiver JaQuay Williams is the No. 1 prep school receiver in the country, according to the 247Sports composite rankings, and he's technically still committed to Auburn University.

Just like coach Gene Chizik's job, though, that commitment appears to be in major jeopardy, and a lot of that revolves around the uncertainty of the coaching situation for the Tigers.

Michael Carvell of ajc.com is reporting that Williams is going to be taking official visits to Texas A&M and Georgia. He'll be at Texas A&M this weekend, and at Georgia for the Georgia Tech game. Carvell also quotes Kevin Ofchus, Williams' uncle and legal guardian, on the status of Williams' commitment to Auburn: 

“JaQuay, just like (other Auburn commitments), has got to make the best decision for himself. He’s got to weigh out all the facts and circumstances. You can only go by what you know. All we know, at this point, is that there’s going to be an assessment by the university.

When asked if JaQuay was still officially committed to Auburn, his uncle replied, “Here is how I would characterize this: I would say that he is looking at this situation just like the university is looking at it. They’re assessing it. The school president and others down there, they are assessing the football program. JaQuay is doing the same exact thing. The big difference is, they can make a change at anytime. But once JaQuay makes his decision (and enrolls in January), he can’t make a change. When he goes to wherever he goes, he’s going ‘all in.’ He just wants to have as much information as possible before he goes ‘all in.’”

This can't be great news for Auburn (even though Ofchus also said to not count Auburn out), as Williams is undoubtedly a very talented recruit. What are the odds that he flips to either A&M or Georgia?

Sorry Auburn fans, but they look astronomically high.

The Auburn program is in disarray, and while it could be settled down by either getting rid of Chizik or committing to keep him around, the fact remains that uncertainty is one of the worst things for recruiting.

Conversely, both Texas A&M and Georgia are extremely solid programs with bright futures in the SEC and nationally, and they can provide recruits like Williams stability, direction and a clear and concise goal: Winning the SEC and competing for national championships.

Frankly, if the Tigers bring in a new coach it will take him at least a few years to rebuild the program and develop his system with his players, so Auburn can't offer the same kind of goals that UGA and A&M can. Even if Chizik comes back, the Auburn program and fanbase will be torn about their coach and the direction of the program.

That's not a good pitch for elite recruits, and Williams definitely qualifies.

He'll want to be someplace where he can compete to win championships, and there's no doubting that both Georgia and Texas A&M can provide that opportunity.

If he's going to flip, the odds are extremely high that Williams will flip to either Texas A&M or Georgia after he takes his official visits.

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