WWE Survivor Series 2012: CM Punk Is a Shoo-in to Retain the Title

Dathen Boccabella@@dathbocAnalyst IINovember 16, 2012

Image courtesy of WWE.com.
Image courtesy of WWE.com.

This Sunday Night at Survivor Series, CM Punk will defend the WWE Championship against both John Cena and Ryback in a Triple Threat match. However, this match was not initially intended, as earlier plans saw Punk and Ryback involved in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match.

On the episode of Raw following last month’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, plans were made for Team Punk (The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Alberto Del Rio and Punk) to square off against Team Foley (Kofi Kingston, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and Ryback).

Had this match eventuated, then the WWE title would not have been defended at Survivor Series. Now that the WWE has changed their mind and gone for a Triple Threat match, it is extremely unlikely that Punk will lose the title that wasn’t at first even going to be contested.

Backstage reports indicate that the rationale for changing the Survivor Series main event was merely that the traditional tag-match would not have been a sufficient draw. Furthermore, Vince McMahon wanted to continue Ryback’s momentum as a main event title challenger. Just add Cena to the mix and you’ve got what WWE considers a solid main event.

Expect CM Punk to walk out still WWE Champion once Survivor Series is all said and done. Given the seeds that were sown for a rivalry between Punk and The Rock at Raw 1000, it is likely that Punk will hold the title through TLC next month and at least to the Royal Rumble in January, where The Rock challenges for the belt.

Indeed, with current plans seeing CM Punk headline WrestleMania XXIX in April next year, don’t expect him to be dropping the title anytime soon. Punk’s reign as champion may have been growing stale earlier this year, but now with his heel-turn and Paul Heyman as his manager, his reign has found a new life and continues strong.

The build-up to the Triple Threat match this Sunday has focused on Ryback and Cena fighting over the belt, while Punk looks on helplessly from the background. The match will likely take a similar approach, with the two bodybuilders fighting it out, where Punk will sneak in and claim the victory.

It is not a question of who will win at Survivor Series, but rather how will Punk retain, because the match will likely not feature a clean ending. Punk’s recent defenses at both Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell have ended with classic heel victories and this time will be no different. This Sunday will see the era of Punk continue as his reign goes down in history as one of few to pass the one-year milestone.

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