WWE Survivor Series 2012: Why Brad Maddox Should Replace Cody Rhodes

Micheal RobinsonSenior Analyst IINovember 16, 2012

Brad Maddox (Cagesideseats.com)
Brad Maddox (Cagesideseats.com)

On the receiving end of a back body drop by Kane on WWE's Main Event this past Wednesday, Cody Rhodes landed awkwardly on his right shoulder and his head also bounced off of the mat.

According to a video on WWE.com, Rhodes suffered a shoulder strain and a concussion.  His status for Survivor Series is unknown at the moment, but it looks like he will indeed miss the show.

Meanwhile, WWE has listed five performers who could possibly replace Rhodes this Sunday at Survivor Series for Team Ziggler.  WWE listed, in order, Ricardo Rodriguez, David Otunga, Tensai, Michael McGillicutty and Matt Striker.

There is a big problem with this list; where is Brad Maddox?

Yes, he just got destroyed by Ryback on Monday Night Raw and placed in an ambulance, but what better way to get more heat than placing him on the heel Survivor Series team of Dolph Ziggler?

It is unclear to me what WWE is trying to do with Maddox, or how long it will be until we see him inside the ring again.

What Rhodes' injury does is open up new doors to the creative department, and they could use Maddox, who has a lot of heat at the moment, and place him on this heel team.

If you look at the list of replacements WWE has mentioned, Maddox doesn't sound so bad, does he?

Maddox, a WWE official at the time, shocked the world at Hell in a Cell in Atlanta last month when he screwed Ryback out of the WWE Championship with a low blow and a quick count.

CM Punk retained the championship and Maddox said he was on his own and Punk and Heyman had no involvement.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was to grant Maddox a $1 million WWE contract if he could defeat Ryback on the latest episode of Raw.

Maddox was unsuccessful of course, and was thrown into the back of an ambulance by Ryback.

While Rhodes' injury, as mentioned, opens up new doors for WWE's creative department, it could close a door on the Rhodes Scholars tag team and weaken the tag team division.