Laremy Tunsil: How Georgia Can Separate Itself from Alabama in Race for 5-Star

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIINovember 16, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

5-star offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil is the best offensive lineman in the recruiting class of 2013—ranked as the No. 1 overall offensive tackle by the 247Sports composite rankings—and considering that he's not yet made a commitment, he's arguably the most sought after o-lineman in the country as well.

As it stands, it's a tight race for Tunsil, with Alabama and Georgia fighting for the lead—according to his 247Sports interest listand eventually, probably his commitment.

It's actually such a close recruiting battle in fact, that Tunsil himself can't distinguish between the two to name a leader, according to Thomas Goldkamp of 247Sports:

The five-star tackle couldn't name a leader between Alabama and Georgia, who have held steady in Tunsil's top two in front of Florida State.

"It's too even," he said.

Eventually one of these two SEC powerhouses is going to have to find an edge for the 6'6'', 295-pound tackle, so let's examine this from the Georgia Bulldogs' point of view. How do they separate themselves from the Crimson Tide?

The easy answer here would be to beat Alabama on the field, and the only time that these two will be able to potentially match up will be in the SEC Championship Game. Georgia is on top of the SEC East at 9-1, and Alabama is on top of the SEC West with the same record. The Bulldogs have Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech to finish off the season, while Alabama has Western Carolina and Auburn, so it's extremely possible that the two will meet up in the SEC title game.

What's the best way to show a recruit that your program is the better option? Go out and beat the other school on the field with the college football world watching and the SEC title on the line.

Sure, it's an easy answer, but it's a simple and effective way to show Tunsil that Georgia means business in the SEC now and in the future. They are a great team right now, but Mark Richt has them poised to be just as good if not better in the next few years. Tunsil can be a huge part of their success, but first they have to show him that Alabama isn't the main attraction in the SEC anymore.

Texas A&M started it, but Georgia needs to finish the job if the two programs meet in the SEC championship.

As effective as that win would be, Georgia also has a fallback strategy. If beating Alabama isn't enough, or if they can't beat 'Bama, they do hold one more trump card in their hand.

Alabama has four offensive lineman committed for 2013 so far, three of which are offensive tackle recruits. While Tunsil would be the most talented of the the group by far, Georgia could use 'Bama's 2013 depth chart as a talking point against the Crimson Tide.

Georgia has three offensive lineman recruits itself, but only one is an offensive tackle: 3-star Aulden Bynum. With the possibility of early enrollment, decommitments or even revoked offers, Georgia will have the room to offer Tunsil the honor of being the premier recruit for their class, and he'll have less competition within his own 2013 class.

It's a very close race between these two programs for Tunsil, but Georgia can separate themselves by beating the Crimson Tide if they matchup in the SEC championship, and by pointing out the crowd Alabama has at tackle within their 2013 class.

It may be a small advantage, but it's an advantage none the less.

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