Redskins vs. Eagles: Taking a Look at the Numbers

John Bibb@@JohnBibbAnalyst IIINovember 17, 2012

The Washington Redskins rush average per game places them near the top of the NFL.
The Washington Redskins rush average per game places them near the top of the NFL.Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE

On paper, statistically speaking, or whichever method of comparison you choose to make, the Washington Redskins have a slight advantage over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, Nov 18.  That advantage could be Eagles QB Michael Vick officially listed as "OUT" due to a concussion he sustained in Week 10 and rookie QB Nick Foles getting his first NFL start. 

If it were to come down to Redskins QB Robert Griffin III and Eagles QB Vick in a head-to-head, air it out, high scoring afternoon—I think RG3 would have a better afternoon.  He is more comfortable on the move, although at times that would be highly touted as a ludicrous statement.

Prior to the injury Vick sustained last week, RGIII has a quarterback rating (QBR) that puts him 10th in the NFL his rookie season versus Vick and his veteran knowledge and experience with a disappointing QBR ranking of 27th of 34 starting QBs.

In direct competition Sunday at FedEx Field outside of Washington, DC, RGIII should have a better game statistically than Eagles rookie QB Foles.  The single factor is RGIII and his ability to run the football.


Redskins advantage

According to team statistics, the Eagles vs. Redskins go back and forth in eight key categories the league tracks.

On offense, the per game team averages are broken down as follows:

Points scored: Eagles - 17.3, Redskins - 25.1 Redskins advantage

Points allowed: Eagles - 24.6, Redskins - 27.6  Eagles advantage 

Offensive yards: Eagles - 373, Redskins - 382  Redskins advantage 

Pass yards: Eagles - 247, Redskins - 217  Eagles advantage

Rush yards: Eagles - 126, Redskins - 165  Redskins advantage

On defense:

Defensive yards: Eagles - 338, Redskins - 398  Eagles advantage 

Rush yards allowed: Eagles - 113, Redskins - 96  Redskins advantage 

Pass yards allowed: Eagles - 225, Redskins - 302  Eagles advantage 


The similarities do not end there as both teams have only three wins in 2012.  They both need to win Sunday in order to keep a slim chance of making the playoffs even a possibility.

After this weekends game, the Eagles have three NFC East division games remaining.  The Redskins have five NFC East games left on the schedule.

Both teams need to have more wins than losses in the second-half of the 2012 NFL season.  This may seem like a tall order for each team to fill, but of the remaining games on the schedule for the Eagles, outside of the NFC East, only Tampa Bay (Dec 9) has a winning record thus far in 2012.

Yet again, the Redskins have the same scenario as they face one remaining team with a winning record in the Baltimore Ravens.  And, it's the same day, Dec 9.

Something has got to give.

One thing is certain, the loser of the Eagles-Redskins game will be in last place in the NFC East.  In recent weeks, both head coaches, Eagles Andy Reid and Redskins Mike Shanahan, have denied reports they were looking toward the 2013 season too soon.

After Sunday's 1 p.m. ET contest, one of them may not have to deny those reports any longer.