WWE: Can Eve vs. Kaitlyn at Survivor Series Reenergize the Divas Division?

Sharon GlencrossContributor INovember 17, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

On Sunday, the closest thing WWE’s women’s division has to a grudge feud will culminate when Eve defends her Divas Championship against Kaitlyn.

Per the storyline, Eve was likely behind the assault on the former NXT star at the Night of Champions pay-per-view in September—which took Kaitlyn out of her title match against Layla El and allowed Eve to take her place and win the belt—although that has yet to be stated conclusively

It is pretty obvious that the Diva Search star put Aksana up to it, but Booker T has refused to punish her and is insisting on keeping her around as his Assistant GM, claiming the evidence against her isn’t concrete.

Booker T really does come off as incredibly gullible in all Eve-related matters, doesn’t he? Why doesn’t he just watch SmackDown once in a while and see how she is constantly sabotaging and undermining everyone?

So it looks like if Kaitlyn is going to get any justice, she’s going to have to do it herself at Survivor Series by winning Eve’s Divas Championship.

The match came about after the NXT star defeated Layla in a No. 1 Contendership Match on last week’s edition of RAW. Eve served as a guest commentator during the segment and didn’t look too happy with the result.

While it isn’t the most high-profile thing on the card—nor should it be—Eve vs. Kaitlyn still has the potential to be a decent match that could help fans take notice of the company’s marginalized women’s division.

For one thing, fans are desperate to see Eve get her comeuppance. Ever since she turned on Zack Ryder at the beginning of the year, she’s become one of the company’s most hated heels. 

Her recent actions as Assistant GM—manipulating Booker T and attempting to ruin Teddy Long’s career—have only intensified the fans' distaste for her.

So, with all this in mind, wouldn’t it be fitting if the underrated Kaitlyn, who has arguably suffered at the hands of Eve more than anyone, beat her soundly and took her beloved title at the show? It would serve as a nice, feel-good moment on the card, if nothing else.  

The match itself should also be fine. Sure, Kaitlyn is still inexperienced in the ring and some of her (usually short) TV matches have descended into complete debacles.

But Eve, an extremely talented women’s wrestler, should be able to carry her to something decent.   

Of course, the bout will likely be hindered by the lack of match time that sabotages most women’s matches in WWE. It probably won’t be put in a good position on the card either—likely before a major match like the Triple Threat for the WWE Championship. Once again, the girls may try their very best, but will be let down by the booking team's indifference.

In summation, Eve vs. Kaitlyn probably won’t be the bout that turns the division around—at this point the division is in such a state that it’s possible nothing can—but don’t be too surprised if the duo manage to churn out one of the highlights of the undercard.

Provided they get enough time, of course.