Ricardo Rodriguez Added to Cody Rhodes' Replacement Rumors at Survivor Series

Dean SiemonAnalyst IINovember 18, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Maybe the creative staff at WWE is starting to grasp at straws when it comes to replacing the injured Cody Rhodes for the elimination tag team match at Sunday night's WWE 2012 Survivor Series pay-per-view.

PWMania.com reports that Rodriguez has been talked about as a replacement option for the Team Foley vs. Team Ziggler match.

The man who has made his name as Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer has also made his case on his Twitter account @RRWWE.

I’m volunteering myself to replace Mr. Rhodes in the Survivor Series Tag Match this Sunday. My Kung Fu is awesome! @WWE

I mean who better to replace Cody Rhodes than Ricardo RHODEriguez at Survivor Series?! @WWE @WWEUniverse

To recap the last week, Cody Rhodes suffered a concussion during a tag team match against Kane and Daniel Bryan during the taping of WWE Main Event. The injury took place when Rhodes was sent into the air by Kane and landed on his shoulder and head.

In the past few days, names like Tensai and Johnny Curtis under his new character Fandango surfaced as replacements. In another report, PWMania.com also mentioned that there were talks of removing Damien Sandow and adding the Prime Time Players (Titus O'Neil and Darren Young) into the matchup.

Despite appearing on television as a comedic ring announcer, Rodriguez does have a background of wrestling on the independent scene and in WWE's developmental program.

He also formed a group in Florida Championship Wrestling called The Ascension with Conor O'Brian, Kenneth Cameron and Raquel Diaz. But around September, The Ascension slimmed down to O'Brian and Cameron, and they now compete as a dominant tag team in NXT.

Rodriguez has also wrestled on television under the mask of El Local against Sin Cara during a taped episode of WWE Saturday Morning Slam.

One of two things is more than likely going to happen. Either Rhodes is going to go against all of the speculation in a last-minute decision and compete in a limited role, or we'll get someone that is eliminated rather quickly because it doesn't matter at this point.

If Rodriguez does compete, I would like to see him actually showcase some of his skills. But because of how his character has been set up, I just can't see him making enough of an impact to warrant him being put in a high-profile match.

Then again, WWE has surprised me before. No doubt, WWE may have something up its sleeve that no one is reporting on.