WWE Survivor Series 2012: Eve/Kaitlyn Cannot Be End of Divas Rivalry

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst INovember 18, 2012

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Eve defends her Divas Championship tonight at Survivor Series against Kaitlyn in what has become a heated rivalry between the Divas.

It all began months ago when Kaitlyn tried to gain a job with Booker T as the assistant to the Smackdown general manager. She was granted the job, but then had to face Eve to keep it. Eve won the match and took the job from Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn would get her revenge in late August when she unexpectedly won a battle royal on RAW to become the No. 1 contender for the Divas Championship, held at the time by Layla. The belief is that Kaitlyn was not supposed to win and that Eve could not hold onto the ropes to continue the match. Watch it again for yourself here and made your judgement based on the referee outside of the ring.

Kaitlyn was then supposed to fact Layla at Night of Champions, but was seen attacked backstage. She could not compete and Booker T placed Eve in her place. Even then won the Divas Championship that night and has held the title ever since.

It all has led to speculation on who attacked Kaitlyn backstage.

Security cameras from that night have been looked at and it was revealed that Kaitlyn was attacked by a woman with blonde hair. After witch hunts for blonde Divas like Natalya and Beth Phoenix, a blonde wig was discovered and the blame was put on Aksana.

Kaitlyn also made a claim to reading e-mails from Eve, which seemed to have set off the champion. The e-mails appeared to link Eve having Aksana to attack Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn became No. 1 contender once again, and she finally gets a one-on-one title match on pay-per-view.

This storyline has been good for the struggling Divas division, who lost Beth Phoenix in the process for her lack of involvement in anything.

Weaker than ever, the trio of Eve, Layla and Kaitlyn have tried their best to keep the division alive, but they cannot simply end this feud with this Survivor Series match. Instead, WWE needs to find a way to have this match keep this feud stronger than ever.

The idea that Eve attacked Kaitlyn is almost implied at this point. The storyline has led us to believe that Eve put a blonde wig on Aksana to get her chance at the Divas Championship by taking Kaitlyn's spot. If that was the case, why wouldn't the attack have been on Layla, the champion at the time.

When the suspects were lined up and Beth Phoenix took the blame for being blonde, where was the same blame for Natalya?

While the unusual motives and plans seemed to be explained, there wasn't enough reasoning for why some were included over others. Then, when you realize that Eve is close to the authority on Smackdown, it all starts to make sense.

Eve may seem to have been figured out, but the amount leaked in this investigation is as much as Eve let slip out. Eve won the title, so why wouldn't she be hated by Kaitlyn after all is said and done?

The only remaining Diva to help things move along is Layla.

Layla and Natalya, both of which were former rivals of Kaitlyn's, seem to be the only friends that Kaitlyn can trust right now. However, Natalya has stepped in as an assistant to Booker T when Eve was on tour overseas. Couldn't Natalya be involved after all and be against Kaitlyn?

Sure, it all seems a bit far fetched, but the entire storyline has been to a point. It has also been the only reason to keep Divas action on television every week and on pay-per-views.

This will be the third straight pay-per-view with a Divas Championship match and all three had either Kaitlyn, Eve or Layla involved. Prior to that event was SummerSlam, where the only thing the Divas could do is dance on stage with Kevin Rudolf.

This is the final one of the Big Four pay-per-views in 2012. At Royal Rumble, there was an eight-Diva tag team match. At WrestleMania, it was another tag team match, which included celebrity Maria Menounos.

Without this storyline, the Divas division has been resorted to random tag team matches where Divas switch from faces to heels without any explanation and matches end in a few minutes with a roll-up. The only saving grace for this division has been this storyline. Even if the creative team needs to dig deep into the rejected Attitude Era storyline twists, something needs to come out of this storyline tonight to keep things going.

The simplest way to do that is to give Kaitlyn the Divas Championship and see to it that Natalya and Layla, who are still friends with Kaitlyn, want to become champions also.

Kaitlyn has wanted to be the top Diva in WWE since winning NXT, and she could soon find how difficult it is to be on the top and have everyone else want to be the champion.