Survivor Series 2012: David Otunga Announced as 5th Member of Team Ziggler

Luis CamposAnalyst INovember 18, 2012

Due to an unfortunate injury sustained by Cody Rhodes during the tapings of WWE's Main Event, the second-generation Superstar has been officially announced as no longer a part of Team Ziggler during Sunday night's pay-per-view event, the traditional Survivor Series match.

Replacing Cody Rhodes on Team Ziggler is David Otunga

Otunga, the WWE's first Harvard University-graduated Superstar, was last seen on WWE television prominently during his role as legal adviser to John Laurinaitis and during a storyline involving the ban of then WWE Heavyweight champion Sheamus' finishing maneuver, the "Brogue Kick." 

Otunga was one of the names rumored to replace Rhodes. Among those also expected to be replacements were Tensai, Fandango, Mark Henry, Brock Lesnar and referee-turned-wrestler Brad Maddox. 

Otunga's role during Sunday night's traditional Survivor Series match is yet to be seen, although I personally expect him to be one of the first men eliminated during the match. 

Ever since his WWE debut during the first season of NXT, David Otunga has failed to capture a large following in the WWE despite his mainstream-media appeal—Otunga is engaged to popular singer and American Idol  finalist, Jennifer Hudson. 

His role in Sunday's Survivor Series could be Otunga's chance to rise to the top of the WWE's roster—although given his precedent as a jobber, there is not much chance of this happening.