Big Show Retains the World Championship against Sheamus at Survivor Series

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistNovember 18, 2012

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Big Show retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Sheamus at WWE Survivor Series on Sunday night in a true knock-down, drag-out fight.

I have to say from jump that while watching Sheamus versus Big Show is not quite the experience that watching Ric Flair versus Ricky Steamboat is, the fact remains I am a fan of these guys in the ring. 

I appreciate the technical aspects of the business, those guys who can go in there and work lights-out, but I also respect what the bruisers bring to the table.  Show and Sheamus’ last match at Hell in a Cell was good, was full of near falls and had the crowd hooked for the majority of the bout.

This match began much in the same way as that one did, with Show gaining the advantage early on. Sheamus attempted to get into it several times, but he was out-muscled at every turn,.

Of course, when you face a guy much bigger than you are, the ideal strategy is to take away his vertical base, which is exactly what Sheamus did.

But the momentum soon went back to Show, who caught Sheamus with a spear that got a huge reaction from the crowd.

Sheamus, still selling the spear, was tossed back into the ring, where he was once again dominated by the champ.  Circling his prey like a shark smelling blood in the water, Big Show took his time and took apart the Great White one heavy strike at a time.

At first glance, a guy like Sheamus should perhaps not sell as much as he does to Big Show.  After all, Sheamus is presented as a tough superstar, a man who loves to fight and never runs from a challenge.

But this is the Big Show we’re talking about here.  The World’s Largest Athlete should have the upper hand in the majority of the matches he works, by virtue of his size and strength.  Physically, Show is a monster, and he should always be booked that way.

Sheamus began to fight back to his feet, yet every move he tried was countered, and every time he seemed to get a head of steam, he was stopped dead in his tracks.  The crowd watched on as the former champion kept trying to get back into the match.

Sheamus was able to lock in a sleeper, which led to a flurry of offense, but it ended just as quickly. Once again, Sheamus was down and out.

Big Show, taking his time, climbed the second rope but was amazingly countered by Sheamus, who managed to hold the big man on his shoulders, take a few steps and then drop him!

Following that move, the crowd was immediately into it, popping off of everything Sheamus did.  But he missed with the Brogue Kick, suddenly hitting White Noise instead.

But it was only a two count, and Big Show kicked out.

Sheamus the Strong, and yes, that should be a nickname for this guy, was back to his feet, signaling for the Brogue, but at the last moment, referee Scott Armstrong got in the way and took the move himself.

While other officials came to his aid, the fact is it was apparent on the replay that Show pulled Armstrong into harm’s way.  When Sheamus turned around from the scene, he was met with a huge Knockout Punch, followed by the 1-2-3.

But after Show was declared the winner, another referee reversed the decision, pointing out the big man’s cheap move to end the match.  

Your winner by disqualification is Sheamus. But Big Show is still your World Champion.

After the decision was announced, Sheamus got back to his feet and, with steel chair in hand, set out to destroy Big Show.  The Giant did all he could, even begging for mercy, but Sheamus was not having it.  He continued the attack, but then dropped the chair and nailed Big Show with the Brogue.

It was rough, it was tough, and it was a fight.  It was everything we expected from these two, and it looks as though nothing has really been resolved here.  Only time will tell if this rivalry will continue, but it seems like there is possibly more storytelling to be done with this one.