Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns Usher in Next Wave of WWE Superstars

Brandon Galvin@bgny3Featured ColumnistNovember 18, 2012

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Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns made their much-anticipated debuts at Survivor Series 2012, giving fans a glimpse of the next generation of WWE superstars.

Fans looking ahead to the future asking themselves who will be the next trio of main event superstars ala John Cena, Randy Orton and CM Punk of this era and Steve Austin, The Rock and Triple H of the Attitude Era need to look no further than the Survivor Series 2012 main event. 

Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns shocked the world when they interfered in the WWE Championship match dressed as part of WWE's ringside crew and attacked Ryback. 

WWE has already been building Ryback as their next "Brock Lesnar" monster. Now, WWE provides fans with a look into the men that will truly carry the company for years to come.

All three of these wrestlers have been making waves for most of 2012 as the pure cream of the crop in WWE's developmental system. All three men have the look, charisma, in-ring skills and pedigree that fans and WWE officials alike salivate over. 

Many compare Ambrose to superstars such as Punk and Chris Jericho due to his no-nonsense in-ring style and supreme confidence on the microphone. He electrified the internet during WrestleMania season when he was feuding with Mick Foley.

Fans figured WWE would toss him into a televised feud with the hardcore legend, but nothing ever came of it. Still, it put Ambrose's skills on full display for the world to see and provided him with an underground buzz rivaled by few in recent years.

Rollins is another man who made his mark on professional wrestling at Ring of Honor. After spending a few years there, he jumped ship to WWE and has been waiting his time to come up to the main roster ever since.

He has been putting on phenomenal matches in NXT and was crowned the first-ever NXT Champion, which will likely go down as a great honor as WWE continues to fill its developmental territory with highly talented superstars in the making.

Reigns is the wild card of the bunch since he isn't as polished as Ambrose and Rollins, but may have the best look and natural charisma of the three, much like his family member The Rock. The Rock was a natural talent but needed time to come into his own. One would think that with his family heritage, Reigns will settle in just fine.

This is a major move by WWE, not just for the fans, but for the future of the company. These are their three "it" guys of the future, and Vince McMahon's creative team needs to do everything in its power to ensure all three men make a major impact. They already did so, costing Ryback his WWE Championship opportunity at one of the biggest pay-per-view events of the year.

Now, WWE needs to go full force with them, unlike how they handled Brad Maddox. There would be no better way for these three to come up than under the guidance of Punk and Paul Heyman. Put Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns and even Maddox in a stable led by Punk and Heyman and watch all men flourish and morph into top heels in the company.

It was an outlandish and shocking move for Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns. Nobody saw it coming and it made for a perfect moment. Hall of Fame talents such as The Undertaker and The Rock made their WWE debuts at Survivor Series. We'll look back and recall November 18, 2012 as the day three more main event players made their marks.