WWE Survivor Series Results: What's Next for R-Truth After Loss to Cesaro?

Hector Diaz@@iamhectordiazAnalyst INovember 19, 2012

via WWE.com
via WWE.com

R-Truth talked a mean game in the weeks prior to Sunday's Survivor Series match against Antonio Cesaro. 

Even though he is now a kid-friendly character, his promos had a drive reminiscent of last year's Survivor Series when R-Truth played the heel alongside The Miz. 

The determination to strip WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro of his title made the idea more plausible. 

Unfortunately, R-Truth did not deliver and was quickly defeated by Cesaro. 

All throughout the match, the commentary team of Michael Cole, Jerry "The King" Lawler and JBL praised Cesaro for his run as United States champ.

All that hype throughout the match was more than enough to know that R-Truth was just another opponent for Cesaro. 

Truth is now in a group of comedic, kid-friendly superstars. Among his peers are Santino Marella and Zack Ryder, who are two of the last three former United States Champions. 

And this has been the story for the title: a universally appealing character often holds the belt for an extended period of time. He holds it for so long, in fact, that his character outshines the belt itself. 

Cesaro has a tame gimmick in comparison to the Italian with the cobra sleeve, the Long Island fist-pumper and the eccentric dancer with an imaginary friend. 

Because of his character, Cesaro is slowly putting the focus back on the United States Championship. Giving R-Truth the belt would have continued the United States Championship’s irrelevancy.

As for R-Truth, his future may be in shows like WWE's Saturday Morning Slam.

He is a great performer in general, but his Little Jimmy gimmick has been a hit among the younger crowd, which makes a championship run less believable.

The happy-go-lucky nature of the new R-Truth does not allow room for anything serious. If he is not able to take a championship win seriously, then the title would have been doomed for another run like Marella’s.

He may eventually capture gold if he separates himself from Little Jimmy, but for now, it is best to sit back and enjoy what he brings to the table.