WWE Survivor Series Reaction: WWE Sitting on Gold with Kidd and Gabriel

Chris WilkersonCorrespondent IINovember 19, 2012

Credit: wwe.com
Credit: wwe.com

On a night full of talking points and controversies, an impromptu match of little importance will remain one of my highlights.

The traditional Survivor Series five-on-five tag match that opened the show ticked all the boxes it was asked to do.

It opened the night at the right tempo, kept to the traditions of the event and showcased the depth of WWE's much improved tag team roster.

A decent, if unspectacular, match was clearly one for the good guys, and I'm sure we all knew that the kiddies favorites were all going to win.

But whilst Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara are being pushed as the babyface, lightweight, high-flying tag stars, the two men that survived the match with them are still not consistently used as a tag team.

And they really should be.

For the past few months Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd have only occasionally appeared as a team, and then separately, almost without a mention of the other, they have fought Antonio Cesaro for the United States Championship.

It's a huge waste. 

The two have massive potential, and could both go far in the future, but right now they could easily be stars of the tag team division. 

They are perfect for WWE in that sense. They pull off eye-catching spots, appeal to the younger market and can do the legitimate moves to keep them over with the more mature fan too.

Let's not forget what a great grounding for the future Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz got from their epic tag team feuds. All moved on to become big stars in single competition too (although that does count D'Von and Bubba turning into Devon and Bully on TNA). 

The moment that made last night's opener turn from a decent match to a notable one was all down to Tyson Kidd.

Putting his right leg between the two of his opponent, the Sharpshooter was then swiftly locked in, and many fans marked out. This completely ignores the fact that both Kidd and Gabriel stole the show in that opener with fantastic spots and technique, the Sharpshooter just provokes a reaction from the WWE Universe.

A new generation could be taught to love it completely too, and for all of the above Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel could be absolute gold in the tag-team division, now all WWE need to do is realize it.