Jimmy Fallon Loves the Mocs!

Joel BarkerSenior Writer IMarch 19, 2009

What a week for Chattanooga Basketball!

So you cant sleep. You get up and turn on some late night TV. I figured since Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has incredible ratings so far I might as well watch a few minutes of the new show.

I mean Fallon is no Conan O'Brien but he's not horrible.

A few minutes into the show he starts talking about March Madness. Then to my surprise he picks the Chattanooga Mocs as his underdog favorite team in the tournament!

Of course it's all in good fun, but still at that point I was quite interested.

The video montage of the University was quite cool. I kept trying to find myself in the basketball game photos they showed, but to no avail.

Then on Tuesday night, Fallon kept the joke going. The audience had their blue & gold shakers as well as the gigantic "C" held up by 20 or so audience members.

The song referring to Mocs head coach John Shulman as the "Don Juan of the SoCon" was priceless.

If all of that wasn't enough the Wednesday show featured audience members in blue and gold t-shirts emblazoned with the Chattanooga "C."

There was also a surprise visit by our most famous alum-not-named-Terrell Owens, Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell).

His entrance preceded a small ensemble of the Mocs pep-band, a couple of cheerleaders, and "Scrappy" the enigmatic Mocking Bird mascot for the team once named after a famous Indian.

Yes, this week has been fun for the Mocs.

Unfortunately the fun stops tomorrow at 3 pm. It's going to take a lot more than a late night comedian to help the Mocs when Hasheem Thabeet comes calling.

UConn is waiting and ready to send the Mocs packing.

There is a slight bit of hope, however. On the Dan Patrick Radio Show on Wednesday Mike Seba, a Las Vegas betting consultant, said that if you were going to pick against any No. 1 seed in the first round it would have to be UConn.

He went on to state that UConn is the weakest No. 1 and that Chattanooga is a quality opponent. Of course that wont stop Thabeet from scoring 40 on Thursday. But it was still nice to hear.

The Mocs will enter this game as 20.5 point underdogs.

To go even deeper, according to Danny Sheridan's odds the chances of Chattanooga winning the tournament was around 1 Googolplex:1.

In case you are wondering that is a one followed by 100 "0's."

Those were the worst odds he gave anyone by the way.

Hey the tallest mountain can be climbed, but you have to take that first step.

Hopefully the Mocs can take a ton of steps later today and become the first 16 seed to defeat a No. 1.

It's gonna happen sometime and it might as well be the Mocs!

And if it does happen Thursday, you can bet that Jimmy Fallon wont be the biggest name talking about Chattanooga basketball.