MVP for Three...Anyone?

Lester MoraCorrespondent IMarch 19, 2009

Its time for a new twist in this crazy year of NBA. A great way to end it is to award the MVP to three deserving superstars. WADE, BRYANT, JAMES. Without a doubt I can guarantee that jersey sales for the trio has made up at least 70 percent for this season.

Who can blame the buyers? Wade resurrecting the crumbling Heat. Kobe still pursuing that 1st NBA title without Shaq. LeBron just putting monster figures in the box score. If I were part of the voting panel I would squeeze all three names in one bracket.

I know it's unorthodox to do this but if ROY can be shared why can't we share the title. It shouldn't really bother either one because they all share the same respect and also comming from a brotherhood on the road to redemption at Beijing.

To be honest I didn't want to see Wade and Co. start the new season because the awful performance the year before was still fresh in everyone's minds. A great start in picking up key trades and signs was the sign that the Heat Office wasn't ready to call it another disaster year.

A pinnacle move was moving Marion to Toronto for a big man they really needed. It was a positive start to see that O'Neal tried to keep healthy to help Wade with the inside game. Beasley was a top pick because they could use a big man who can shoot a jumper on the mid-range. I give him a couple more years until we can call him a No. 3 threat.

A monumental turnaround was the W-L. More then double the wins from last year. The Heat aren't ready to cool down just yet. Wade stares at all the East saying "BRING IT!! WE ARE READY FOR YOU!"

Kobe Bryant MVP MVP MVP. Staples yelling as their hero lifts their hopes to the ceiling. There exactly where they left off. Without Bynum and also in one of the toughest conferences. Heroics isn't unusual for KB24 since he has been given the title "Mr. fourth Quarter."

Scoring frenzy of 12 to 20 points has been the highlights. I know everyone says the Lakers are a made team but it's not just great players playing together in one team, its a team where Kobe leads and everyone follows or copies. Kobe's presence on the court and off is an intangible that no other player obtains.

Bryant has his off games but Pau will put up the numbers and also the lingering Odom stepped up and raised the bar to his season averages. Kobe is just another guy that makes chemistry work, he glues all the pieces into one Western Conference wrecking ball.

But I will stamp my MVP vote if Kobe posts a 100 point game. I'm still hungry to see him post that number next to Wilt.

LBJ23 living the dream at the moment. Stocks have risen for him and everyone fears him because he seems to be the walking-talking triple-double. From last week he was just one game shy of getting a fourth 3-2.

As all scouts have on their boards has to be "HOW DO WE STOP 6'8", 250??" I woudn't have an answer I'm sorry.

It's been five years and he has accomplished alot already. Cleveland must do everything to keep him off the market for other teams. We can tell LeBron is hungry for that title that would lead him to greatness.

Officially I can announce James is the One man Big Hitter. He does it in the rebounds, points, assists, steal, and even the blocks. He brought the writers to their knees by lifting the Cavs over that hurdle that the C's have been keeping in their pockets.

I will assure you LeBron won't be that LeBron we saw in last years playoffs against the Celtics. He will be fierce, alert and he will be the man that throws the Big Three to an early holiday. If his push this season isn't successful I guarantee you Cavs fans he will be shifted...radar pointing Knicks.

The final games will be played out and the Voters have to do a legit job at a choice who will lift that MVP trophy. I wouldn't be suprised if three of them carry it. Actually I would stand up off my chair and clap. And in the corner of my mind I would be yelling, "I KNEW IT!" with a smile from ear to ear.


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