Arizona Cardinals: Why Coach Ken Whisenhunt Should Be Fired

Cooper Allen@@CooperAllen47Analyst IINovember 19, 2012

GREEN BAY, WI - NOVEMBER 04: Head coach Ken Whisenhunt of the Arizona Cardinals watches as his team takes on the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on November 4, 2012 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the Cardinals 31-17. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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It has been a painful couple of months for the Arizona Cardinals. After going undefeated in the opening month of the season, they have since dropped six games.

Most of those losses came against beatable teams, leaving people like you and I to wonder what is wrong with this team.

Arizona has played some awful football as of late and there is a lot of blame to go around. One man who has seemed to avoid the blame train during his coaching career is Ken Whisenhunt.

I have been very lenient with the head coach over the past couple of seasons. This team has dealt with injuries, and it is tough to transition when Kurt Warner retires and plan B is a bust.

With that being said, Whisenhunt is becoming a liability for this team. Here are a few reasons why he needs to be fired right now.


Decision Making

The decision making of Coach Ken over the past two seasons has been very questionable. I am all for taking risks and making bold moves, but he does not seem to know the time or place for a bold call.

When a big move needs to be made, it rarely happens, and the risks he does take are unnecessary. There are plenty of examples that can be used, but it would take all day for you to read them.

Sticking with what is fresh in our minds, let’s look at the Atlanta game. Up 13-3 in the second quarter, John Skelton was benched in favor of rookie fifth-round pick Ryan Lindley.

This was a good move to make. The team is struggling, and it sends a message to the players that poor play is unacceptable.

Lindley did not fare any better, however. The 10-point lead Arizona held when Skelton was pulled had evaporated by half time, and he should have been put back in to open the third quarter.

This is one of multiple poor decisions Whisenhunt has made over the past two years that have cost the Cardinals a win. 


Same Old Excuses

I have yet to run into a person that says they are happy with the way Coach Ken addresses the media. He has lost over 40 times as the Cardinals coach, and it seems he is spewing the same nonsense after every loss.

We realize that they didn’t execute, Ken. Why is that? For a guy who seems to have the answer after a game, he sure isn’t fixing the problem the next week.

If Whisenhunt wants to keep his job, then he needs to take responsibility for the loss, acknowledge what went wrong and make the suitable changes.


Inability to Adjust

One of the biggest things you need to be able to do as a coach is adjust. Whisenhunt talks about making the appropriate moves and doing the correct things, but he rarely goes through with it.

Successful coaches in this league go into games with a plan A, plan B and potentially even a plan C. When you look at the Cardinals, Ray Horton has the defense ready to play, but the rest of the team is a mess.

When something is working and one of your coordinators moves away from it, then it is the coach’s job to take charge.

Same thing goes for when something is not working. Do not keep running LaRod Stephens-Howling up the middle, especially in short yardage situations.

Sure, you can blame Mike Miller and Russ Grimm, but that is starting to get old. A good coach would be able to recognize that they are a huge part of the problem by now.

Whisenhunt has done great things for Arizona. He took them to their first Super Bowl and has the most wins by a head coach in franchise history.

Most of his success came almost four years ago, however, and he is 17-25 since Kurt Warner retired.

Arizona has a lot of talent on its roster and they need a coaching staff to put it all together.

Ken Whisenhunt should not coach another game for the Arizona Cardinals.


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