Terrell Owens Brings His Own Style to Buffalo

John CronynContributor IMarch 19, 2009

It's only taken a couple of weeks for everyone to forget the past 10 seasons of the Buffalo Bills due to the addition of Terrell Owens. 

Suddenly, predictions of finishing second in the AFC East are starting to crop up. 

To accomplish this T.O. will be playing on defense and special teams, not to mention being a coach, physical trainer, and psychologist, with the occasional front office tuck in. 

The Bills may in fact break the eight-win barrier that they seem to shy away from. They may also be relevant for the time being, but something darker threatens.

Apparently, T.O. has also started talking to the other local sports teams.

The Buffalo Sabres are now in an awful losing stretch. Niagara was expelled from the MAAC playoffs. The University of Buffalo has missed out on its shot at March Madness. Can we forget about Canisius and St. Bonaventure? 

"It's the appearance of things to come," said a former sportscaster, in a fictitious way. "T.O. isn't going to cure all that ails Buffalo sports, but he will get people talking about how bad Buffalo sports are in a much more relevant way." 

Owens may not have much to do with any of this in a real way, but it does take focus away from serious social issues that everyone has to deal with on a daily basis. 

Wasn't it nice to turn on ESPN that Saturday night to find someone talking about Buffalo in a way that didn't involve snatching defeat from the jaws of victory? 

The long and the short of it, we as Buffalonians, are not the Cubs.

It hasn't been 101 years of wishing, although the benefit of rooting for the Cubs, is that no other fan will ever take you seriously enough to want to fight about it—which is nice. 

Keep squabbling fans, because T.O. just made it interesting again.