WWE's Big Kiss: What Does It All Mean for John Cena and AJ Lee?

Bob Garman@@bgarmaniAnalyst INovember 20, 2012

photo courtesy of wwe.com
photo courtesy of wwe.com

On this week's edition of Monday Night Raw, the WWE Universe was finally treated to what appeared to be the end of the AJ Lee/John Cena controversy.  Confronted yet again by managing supervisor Vickie Guerrero and a couple of "witnesses," AJ went out to the ring to put a stop to Vickie's constant badgering.

As the two women sniped at each other, the predictable happened.  John Cena's music hit, and he came dashing to the ring to help out his "friend," AJ.  He hit the middle of the ring and confronted Vickie, who was having none of it.

Then, the moment finally came.  Cena turned, and with a fair amount of passion, kissed AJ on the mouth in front of Guerrero and the entire crowd at Wright State University's Nutter Center. As Cena turned to talk to Vickie, AJ grabbed him, and the two kissed again.  

At last, we were going to be delivered from this asinine angle.  Since Cena and AJ clearly are engaged in a romantic relationship, Vickie could finally stop trying to prove it.  In reality, since Lee isn't Cena's "boss" any longer, there is no reason the two cannot date.  It was a boring, predictable end to a boring, predictable storyline, but it was an end.

Not so fast.  Suddenly, Dolph Ziggler came running to the ring to stop the madness.  He attacked Cena, who chased him from the ring and up the ramp, apparently injuring his knee in the process.

Later, AJ confronted Ziggler in the locker room (which was populated entirely by heels).  Ziggler gave a condescending and surprisingly accurate speech, assassinating Lee's character, both literally and figuratively.  This caused AJ to snap and attack Ziggler, apparently for being right about her.

Cena, of course, came to rescue AJ, and he and Ziggler brawled through the locker room—crashing through a bathroom stall (thankfully unoccupied at the time) and ending up on the floor, with Cena apparently even more injured than he'd been before.  

So, there is still no end to this interminable angle.  The next question is: Where do we go from here? 

For Vickie, the outcome should be obvious.  She should be relieved of her duties as managing supervisor of Raw.  Her actions resulted in an investigation that really had no point.  

Since AJ had already been removed as Raw's general manager, there's no reason that she can't date Cena or anyone else she wants.  Vickie's proof amounts to nothing.  However, her insistence on badgering Lee and Cena led to an apparent injury to Cena, the company's most valuable performer.  For this alone, she should be terminated from her position.

For AJ, the outcome is a bit more in doubt.  She could have a grudge match with Vickie.  The only problem with this is that no one wants to see Guerrero in the ring.  She could likewise have a match with Vickie's newest henchperson, Tamina.  This would be more palatable for fans, but in reality, Tamina has only a peripheral connection to the entire story.  

There is obviously the possibility of a feud between Dolph Ziggler and John Cena.  This has some promise, though the company could have had the same feud without all of the AJ/Vickie drama.  

This matchup would be good for both men.  Cena hasn't faced off against Ziggler in a genuine feud in a long while.  It would be good for him to have a fresh opponent, plus it clears him out of CM Punk's way, since Punk is obviously going forward with his Ryback conflict.

For Ziggler, a feud with Cena gives him heightened visibility.  The Show Off is a darling of the Internet Wrestling Community, which has been begging for Ziggler to take the World Heavyweight Championship belt for some time.  Ziggler still holds the Money in the Bank briefcase that guarantees him a shot at the WHC, and a feud with Cena doesn't change that.  

If Ziggler can somehow come out on top of the supposedly injured Cena, both men could benefit.  Ziggler would have some main-event level credibility, and Cena loses nothing, since his "injury" gives him a viable excuse for losing to a tough opponent.

Whatever the actual outcome of this story is, WWE needs to get Cena away from AJ and Dolph away from Vickie.  Neither man is helped by his association with the women, and the women need to have their own stories to work with.  AJ can go back into the ranks of the Divas, possibly to never be seen again, and Vickie can start badgering whoever they get to replace her as the permanent general manager of Raw.

Please, WWE, stop the madness.  You have four viable stars here.  Somehow, you've found a way to combine them that makes every one of them look worse than they would on their own.  It's time to put them back on their own and start over.