Why Linda McMahon Should Be WWE's Managing Supervisor of Raw

SMGAnalyst IINovember 20, 2012


After losing another Senate race, many people are speculating what will happen to WWE and Linda McMahon as a result.

While there are people who suggested that Linda McMahon take on more of an on-screen role with WWE, is the managing supervisor of Raw the right position?

There are many factors to consider in placing Linda McMahon in charge of WWE’s flagship show. Let’s take a look at some reasons why Linda should be the new managing supervisor of Monday Night Raw.


The Believability Factor

One of the biggest issues of having so many different general managers is the lack of believability. It’s what made Vince McMahon’s character so great.

We knew he was the owner of WWE, so by putting his real job on TV it was believable. No one believes Vickie Guerrero, Booker T, AJ Lee or others actually have power backstage.

Bring Linda McMahon on as the managing supervisor of Raw and people may believe she actually has power. Linda has now lost the race for a Senate seat twice and it is not expected for her to run for office again. However, she could still be a successful businesswoman in the controversial company that may have caused her to lose the political race.


Linda vs. Dixie Carter

In the late 1990s and until WWE purchased WCW, it was Eric Bischoff vs. Vince McMahon. One always tried to outdo the other with their respective companies and programs.

It was what pushed WWE to be at its best. Without competition, a company doesn't have that same push to do better.

Although TNA has yet to reach even the success of WCW, a Dixie Carter vs. Linda McMahon rivalry would be very enticing.

Hulk Hogan could finally be replaced as the on-screen authority figure by Dixie. Despite not being a TNA fan myself, I’m sure many people would not be opposed to the idea.


Vickie Guerrero’s Run Is Overdone

Is anyone else sick of Vickie Guerrero’s one hundred millionth run as the authority figure in WWE? She is much better off as a manager for an up-and-coming superstar.

With the recent push of NXT superstars to the main roster, this could be someone’s opportunity to have a mouthpiece that generates a ton of heat.

Aside from being so unbelievable, it is obvious each time that it is temporary. Guerrero will never be looked at as a long-term authority figure. Many believe WWE wanted Ric Flair to replace AJ Lee, but because of the TNA lawsuit, it did not happen.

Between being the most believable authority figure since her husband was in charge, the rivalry that would develop with TNA and the ridiculousness that is Vickie Guerrero, Linda McMahon needs to be the new managing supervisor of Raw.

WWE needs Linda McMahon to be the new authority figure of Raw. And we, the fans of WWE, need Linda McMahon as the new managing supervisor of Monday Night Raw.

What do you think? Should Linda McMahon be the new managing supervisor of Raw? Please leave your comments and suggestions below.


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