WWE vs. TNA Fantasy Match No. 1: CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy

Adrian FylonenkoFeatured ColumnistNovember 20, 2012


CM Punk and Jeff Hardy are two of the most popular superstars in wrestling today. Punk has been the WWE Champion for an entire year, and Hardy is the current TNA Champion.

Three years ago, Hardy retired from the WWE. Many fans, including myself, thought that he would be taking time off to heal his injuries and eventually come back.

Instead of staying with the WWE, the "Extreme Enigma" signed a contract for TNA and officially took his talents to South Beach.

With reports of Hardy's contract expiring in a few months, there's a chance we may see him on WWE TV sooner than we expected.

I thought it would be interesting to ask the question, "What would happen if CM Punk went one-on-one with Jeff Hardy today?" Here is what I came up with.



Both superstars have a long history together. In 2009, CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy came in second place for the PWI "Feud of the Year" award. In my opinion, if they were battling for the WWE championship instead of the World Heavyweight Championship, they would have won.

This feud is one of my all-time favorites. CM Punk was the straight-edge savior who could do no wrong, while Hardy was the wild and reckless fan favorite who was often criticized for his issues outside the ring.

The reason why this storyline was so successful was because it often broke kayfabe. The WWE has come up with some crazy gimmicks, but this time, both Punk and Hardy just needed to play themselves.

After a series of entertaining promos, things quickly became personal.

Every match between Punk and Hardy throughout 2009 was exciting and downright physical. You could tell that these two athletes really hated each other.

Punk always brags about being the best in the world when he has a microphone in his hand, and during his feud with Hardy, he showed us why.

Like I said earlier, Hardy had, and still has, a lot of issues outside of wrestling. It's no secret that he has a substance abuse problem, and he has been arrested because of it. His poor decisions forced the WWE to suspend him on more than one occasion.

The "Second City Saint" used Hardy's misfortunes as material and embarrassed him every time he cut a promo.



Throughout 2009, CM Punk and Jeff Hardy, in one-on-one completion, have wrestled each other a total of seven times. All seven matches were for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Punk and Hardy share the same record against one another. Each has three wins, one draw and three losses.

Despite an even battle record, Punk won the war.

On the August 25, 2009 edition of Smackdown, CM Punk put his World Heavyweight Championship on the line in a Steel Cage Match against Hardy. The stipulation of the match was that if Jeff lost, he would be fired from WWE.

He lost the match, and a few months later, signed with TNA.


CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy 2013

Punk: Better technical wrestler, always thinks before he acts, strong striker, has Heyman at his side, WWE and World Heavyweight Champion.

Hardy: Takes more risks, has a more powerful move-set, uses his surroundings as an advantage, WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, TNA Champion.

Who wouldn't want to see this? Punk is one of the best technical wrestlers in the business, and Hardy is arguably the greatest high-flying daredevil in WWE history.

Hardy has been entertaining every single week and he put on terrific performances at Bound for Glory and Turning Point. Also, Hardy has added a couple new maneuvers to his unique move-set and they really compliment his style.

Punk and Hardy have tremendous chemistry with one another. All of their matches have been free-flowing and rarely have a boring moment. It would be a close contest, but I see Punk getting the victory thanks to an interference or an illegal move.

The main reason why I think Punk will beat Hardy is because of his rise to the top of the WWE and how consistent he has been. Punk is part of an elite group of WWE Champions who have held the title for over a year. This accomplishment cannot go unnoticed and it's safe to say that CM Punk would do anything to win.

However, if Jeff didn't sign for TNA in 2009, I have to say that he would beat Punk. Hardy has always been a fan favorite and played a major role in making the Attitude Era what it is today. CM Punk talks Attitude Era, Jeff Hardy lived Attitude Era.

The past is the past and since we are talking about the present, CM Punk would get the victory.


Winner: CM Punk (dirty)


Make sure to vote for who you think would win in a match between Punk and Hardy. Also, give me some ideas on who you would like to see go one-on-one in WWE vs. TNA Fantasy Match No. 2!


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