WWE News: Monday Night Raw Slides Under 4 Million Viewers After Survivor Series

Daniel Peragine@DPMajesticCoSenior Analyst IINovember 20, 2012

AJ Lee, John Cena and Raw General Manager Vickie Guerrero. (Photo credit: WWE.com)
AJ Lee, John Cena and Raw General Manager Vickie Guerrero. (Photo credit: WWE.com)

There was some good and bad news on the aftermath of WWE Monday Night Raw

The good news was that WWE was coming off one of its finest pay-per-views of the year with Survivor Series. The bad news was that despite the strong pay-per-view, Monday Night Raw could not capitalize on its momentum.

The Monday, November 19 edition of WWE Raw tanked in viewership, as the show slumped under four million viewers (via TV By the Numbers).

WWE Monday Night Raw started its first hour on a decent note, landing 3.87 million viewers. In what has been a trend for Raw, its second hour scored the highest amount of viewership with 3.92 million viewers. However, Raw's third hour once again bottomed out, dropping to just 3.71 million viewers.

NFL Monday Night Football claimed the No. 1 spot on cable television with 12.47 million viewers and scored a 4.8 rating share in adults 18-49. Meanwhile, Raw's first and third hour scored a 1.3 rating share. The show's second hour peaked with a 1.4 rating share.


Another disappointing night for the WWE:

Monday Night Raw is not where it needs to be. Although it is easy to say that the WWE should scrap Monday Night Raw's third hour, the product that is being presented has not helped the show in many ways.

WWE should be on high alert in not only its third hour struggles but the creative direction it is heading in. While it may be easy to blame that the NFL is stealing the show's thunder, Raw has simply become a tiring program, losing a large number of viewers in its main event finish. 

The major test is whether WWE will see its third hour improve after the NFL season wraps up in a matter of weeks. If the WWE continues to struggle after Monday Night Football, its three-hour format must be scrapped, and the show should revert back to its original time slot.