TNA Impact Wrestling Preview: Turkey Suit Challenge, Gut Check Winners and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer INovember 22, 2012

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It’s Thursday again, and that means a new episode of TNA Impact Wrestling! It’s that time of the month as well, as this edition of the show will be Open Fight Night.

For this month’s Open Fight Night, TNA Wrestling has confirmed at least two matches, the return of the previous Gut Check winners and more. So let’s see what TNA has in store for the fans this week!


Gut Check: Wes Brisco Gets His Shot at a TNA Contract

Since Open Fight Night was created in April, it has included Gut Check. A wrestler from the independent circuit was given a match against a TNA wrestler and the chance to earn a contract by impressing judges Taz, Al Snow and Bruce Pritchard.

Only four wrestlers have passed their Gut Checks so far, but a fifth looks to join those ranks this week.

Second-generation wrestler Wes Brisco, the son of WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Gerald Brisco, will be going through his Gut Check, but he is no stranger to TNA Wrestling. For weeks, Brisco has been a guest of Kurt Angle and has even helped Angle and the TNA roster in the fight against Aces and 8s.

Will his experience in TNA help him at all? Who will he have to face? Will Kurt Angle get involved, whether that is in the match or during his evaluation?


Eric Young vs. Jesse: Turkey Suit Challenge

The turkey suit is making its return to TNA Wrestling, and it will be featured in a match pitting Eric Young against Tara’s boyfriend, Jesse.

For the past couple of weeks, one-half of the TNA Knockouts tag team champions, ODB, has been battling Knockouts champion Tara. ODB was always at a disadvantage, though, due to the involvement of the former reality show star.

At Turning Point last Sunday, Young made his return to TNA to wrestle with ODB in a match against Tara and Jesse. The married couple picked up the victory that night, but last week, Jesse managed to defeat the former Television champion.

This week, Young is bringing the infamous turkey suit back to TNA and challenging Jesse to another match.

Who will take the fall in this match and be forced to wear the suit? Could this be the end of the short feud between Eric Young and Jesse?


The Winners Are Back: Alex Silva, Taeler Hendrix, Sam Shaw and Christian York Return to TNA

There have been four wrestlers to pass their Gut Check tryout. While they all lost their respective matches, they impressed the judges enough to earn TNA contracts.

Alex Silva was the first contestant to compete and receive a contract, while Sam Shaw got his contract in July and Christian York just received his a couple of weeks ago. Taeler Hendrix is, so far, the only female performer to compete in Gut Check, and she received a spot on the roster as a result.

This week, all four wrestlers will appear on Open Fight Night and try to secure their first TNA victories.

Who will they call out? Could they challenge each other? Will someone on the main roster challenge them? Can they pick up their first TNA victories here?


The Greatest Man That Ever Lived: Austin Aries Promises to Shake Things Up

At Bound for Gory last month, Austin Aries lost the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to Bound for Glory Series winner Jeff Hardy. Aries just wouldn’t accept the loss, though, and declared that he could defeat Hardy one-on-one.

He invoked his rematch for Turning Point, but the champion had a surprise for his challenger. Hardy would challenge him to a Ladder match, and while Aries denied the request, the match was made for the pay-per-view.

At Turning Point, Hardy and Aries took each other to the limit and had quite the exciting Ladder match. In the end, the Charismatic Enigma defeated the Greatest Man That Ever Lived once again and held the championship up high. Despite Hardy having a new challenger for Final Resolution in the form of Bobby Roode, Aries is determined to remain in the spotlight.

Last week, he declared that he was going to call somebody out this week on Open Fight Night, but he didn’t reveal who it would be. He did say, though, that the challenge would shake things up in TNA.

Who is Austin Aries going to call out? Will he really shake things up? Will this backfire on the former X-Division and World Heavyweight champion?

With this being Open Fight Night, expect more challenges to be made. Also, Aces and 8s are sure to be around and could very well be targeting their next victim after taking out Magnus last week.

How will this edition of Open Fight Night on TNA Impact Wrestling go? Tune in to find out!