For Fans That Question The Rock's WWE Title Match at Royal Rumble

Clint BuckwoodCorrespondent IINovember 22, 2012

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Among my travels across the many Pro Wrestling destinations the  Internet has to offer, I have come across quite a few fans that actually question why The Rock is getting a title shot at WWE Royal Rumble 2013.

I don't say this much, but to quote The Miz....Really? Really?

From reading the different comments and message board chatter, some fans, certainly not all, but some fans seem to complain that The Rock shouldn't be in the WWE Title match, because he isn't around often. I have to say, that just doesn't make much sense.

Take a look at the WWE roster right now. Go ahead, I'll wait. Go to the WWE  website and look at the roster. Now tell me, who on that roster has CM Punk not wrestled yet, as WWE Champion, and who also would be a high-caliber opponent to headline one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year, The Royal Rumble?

There is no one.

The Rock coming back is a huge gift for all WWE fans. Matter of fact, every time since The Rock returned on February 14, 2011, he has given WWE fans a huge gift. The gift is a legit mega star in Hollywood, and pro wrestler who is arguably one of the absolute greatest of all time, coming back and performing for all of us. Giving back to all of us.

This man is extremely busy all year making movies. Matter of fact, he is gonna be busy making and promoting movies right in the heart of WrestleMania season, which traditionally starts at The Royal Rumble. How he plans on fitting in WWE appearances during that time, is beyond me, but I am convinced the guy is super human.

Like it or not, The Rock is the biggest name even remotely associated with the WWE. Yes, bigger than John Cena, too.

The Rock vs. CM Punk is huge. It's huge for fans that have seen CM Punk wrestle just about everyone there is to wrestle, it's huge for CM Punk who has admittedly gotten bored with the lack of new opponents, and it's huge for WWE, because that match will bring in the buys.

People pay money to see something special. Something that they don't see every week. How many times have we seen Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio in recent weeks, or Ryback vs. Tensai? We've even see quite a few CM Punk vs.  John Cena matches.

The Rock vs. CM Punk is something that has never been done before; it's big time, it's special. The promo battles leading up to the match should be epic, as both guys are tremendous on the mic. Throw Paul Heyman in the mix, and it is something extra special to look forward to.

For long time fans like me, to newer generation fans, we should all evaluate the big picture of a featured attraction wrestler like Brock Lesnar, Triple H, The Undertaker, or The Rock, coming back and see the importance it brings to just about everything around the entire situation.

These guys are huge names; they have beyond paid their dues. They can come back whenever they want and main event any show they are on, and it will draw better then any of the full time performers would. They've earned that right.

It's up to WWE management, and the talent on the full time roster, to create huge names that people care enough about. John Cena has done it, and so has CM Punk, and they too one day will return as part-time performers who main event a super-show. It's how the business works.

The real question is, who wins the WWE Title Match at The Royal Rumble between The Rock and CM Punk?