Sean Woods Video: Morehead State Coach Has Altercation with PG Devon Atkinson

Tim KeeneyContributor INovember 22, 2012

During Wednesday's contest between Morehead State and the University of Kentucky, head coach Sean Woods put himself in the national spotlight.

Just not in the good way.

When senior point guard Devon Atkinson fouled out with just under six minutes to go—and shortly after the Eagles let a surprising lead against the No. 8 Wildcats slip away—Woods laid into him.


You can see it in the above video, but before getting in a minute-long shouting match with his point guard—which Woods dominated—the head coach gave his player a swift one-handed shove on the back. 

According to athletic department spokesman Matt Segal (via, the school is discussing any possible disciplinary action, which would be announced on Friday.

The shouting, although incredibly intense, is something you see all over the country. But two things are working against Woods here. First, he put his hand on a player, an action that is frowned upon no matter the level of play. Second, this is already his second encounter with a player after just five games in his first season with Morehead State. 

Woods, a former Wildcat "Untouchable" and hero, made headlines before Wednesday's game when he called out Kentucky's freshmen.

Now, he's sure to be stuck in the headlines for much longer than he was hoping.