Does R-Truth Have Any Direction in the Current WWE Climate?

Daniel Massey@EPWWEfan1Senior Analyst IIINovember 22, 2012

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Just over a year ago, R-Truth was competing for the WWE Championship with Superman himself, John Cena, at Capitol Punishment.

Following a successful heel run and the emergence of CM Punk as the next big superstar of the company, R-Truth has since been relegated to a comedy role within the WWE and is now on the same level as superstars such as Santino Marella and Hornswoggle.

Harsh but true, the once deranged superstar who spoke to a “Little Jimmy” in his head, has transformed into the next laughable character that has absolutely no direction in WWE at the moment.

R-Truth is moving toward the end of his career and has never really hit the big time in terms of championship reigns.

Last year, his popularity shot up as he embarked on a heel run that I was certain would give him the fame and respect he deserves in the WWE.

I honestly did believe that he would gain the WWE Championship and reach the top of the mountain before potentially bowing out in a blaze of glory.

As it was, Cena beat R-Truth for the title and did the old Superman routine, despite the fact that Truth would have been an amazing champion while on that heel run.

Something tells me he wouldn’t be blabbing on about “respect” all the time, anyway…

I actually thought that Truth really did prove himself in that main event and won over people who doubted his abilities to close a pay-per-view. For me (and I know many didn’t agree), I thought it had been one of the best matches of 2011.

Since then, he has been involved in a tag team with Kofi Kingston and actually held the Tag Team Championship with that man while the WWE rebuilt the Tag Team Division around them.

Despite holding tag-team gold, R-Truth never really made an impact on WWE television—he was never really relevant.

The odd appearance on commentary and still holding on to the Little Jimmy gimmick, he looked like he was merely supporting Kofi Kingston, who is currently the Intercontinental Champion.

The WWE have gave R-Truth a shot at the United States Championship at Survivor Series against Antonio Cesaro, and as much as I wanted R-Truth to win so he could have regained some of that lost support and momentum, it is clear to the majority of people that the only reason he was put into this match was because the WWE could not think of anyone else to put in the ring with Cesaro.

It was pretty much certain that Cesaro would retain his championship at Survivor Series, as the WWE is desperately trying to garner heat for the multilingual superstar.

Attempts at this have been fairly futile so far, and putting him against a star that has lost so much direction such as R-Truth will do nothing for the United States Championship or its champion.

The minimal build for this match consisted of R-Truth knocking off Justin Gabriel on SmackDown, then capitalising on an injured, dazed Antonio Cesaro in a six-man tag-team match on Raw.

To me, the feud came out of nowhere, and now that R-Truth has lost, I don’t see how it can continue. If anything, I would say that this match did both superstars more harm than good.

It was easily the worst match on the Survivor Series card, and the fact that nobody really cares for Cesaro as champion anyway completely destroyed any excitement for me.

If R-Truth, a seasoned veteran, cannot knock off Cesaro, then I don’t see how he has any direction in the WWE anymore.

The best thing for the WWE to do would be to turn Truth heel again and have him go for the Intercontinental Championship.  

Unless this happens, I fear an excellent athlete with a great character and potential will fade into obscurity.