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Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistNovember 24, 2012

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CM Punk Retains at Survivor Series

CM Punk retaining his WWE Championship at Survivor Series certainly didn't come as a shock to anyone, but the manner in which it happened was a different story. When Ryback appeared poised to pin John Cena to win the title, NXT Wrestling stars Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns attacked him. They put him through the announce table with a powerbomb and Punk pinned Cena to keep the belt.


Question on Everybody's Mind: Was the SS Finish Effective?

As surprising as Brad Maddox's interference was at Hell in a Cell, it's fair to say that Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns interfering at Survivor Series was an even bigger revelation. Fans have wanted to see Rollins and Ambrose in particular in a WWE ring for months, but their seemingly imminent debuts continued to be delayed. Apparently the writers figured Survivor Series would be the perfect venue for them to make an impact, however.

Make an impact they did as they decimated the most dominant figure in WWE. They weren't satisfied, however, as they did the same thing to Ryback when he attempted to crash Punk's year-long title reign celebration on RAW. On top of that, they attacked Tyson Kidd and Santino Marella during a dark match this week, so they'll have plenty of explaining to do on Monday.


Ring Rust Radio's Take

Many fans are still trying to make sense of Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns' involvement at Survivor Series, but I'm a big fan of the execution.

The most logical conclusion to the match probably would have been Brock Lesnar interfering on Punk's behalf, but people have been expecting Lesnar to help Punk for so long that it would almost be anticlimactic if it happened at this point.

Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns showing up was a complete surprise, though, and it sets up a number of possible avenues moving forward.

Nobody knows for sure why the NXT Three did what they did, but fans across the world are incredibly interested. Whether they're working with Punk and Paul Heyman or are simply just rogue wrestlers looking to make a name for themselves, they are already in a position to succeed.

Not only was the ending at Survivor Series good for those involved in the match, but it should help launch the careers of Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns in short order.


Rumor Mill: Punk vs. Ryback Tables Match Possible for TLC (via




John Cena, A.J. & Dolph Ziggler Feud Heats Up

For the past several weeks, Vickie Guerrero has been accusing former RAW general manager A.J. Lee of having an affair with John Cena. She has presented some circumstantial evidence, but nothing of note came to light. Vickie brought in some witnesses on Monday, and while Cena called it garbage, he proceeded to engage in a lengthy make-out session with A.J. in the middle of the ring before Dolph Ziggler broke it up.


Question on Everybody's Mind: Is Cena Really Injured at All?

After Ziggler's attack, Cena chased him down the ramp, but he appeared to land awkwardly when leaving the ring. Cena then hopped to the backstage area and the announcers played up a potential injury.

The replay seemed to indicate that Cena could have possibly rolled his ankle, but as soon as a backstage segment aired with Cena getting treated in the trainer's room, it became apparent that something was fishy.

The doctor diagnosed Cena with a torn meniscus without even really examining anything, and Cena's misstep wouldn't seem to indicate a knee injury in the least. Still, there were a lot of people following RAW who still believed that Cena was actually injured, and many continue to believe it. Despite that, there is no doubt that the entire angle was work.


Ring Rust Radio's Take

Cena definitely sold the injury well as it looked like he really rolled his ankle, but things unraveled a bit from there. The trainer segment gave most of it away, but it was the scene in the locker room between Cena and Ziggler that confirmed everything was part of the storyline.

Cena came to A.J.'s defense when she began attacking Ziggler and Ziggler proceeded to beat down Cena. He kicked Cena in the knee and followed that up by spearing him through a bathroom stall.

If there was anything wrong with Cena, then there's no chance that the WWE would have risked further injury with such a high-impact spot. Also, that isn't a spot that the WWE would do live, so it had to be done earlier in the day to account for any possible pitfalls.

If that's not enough evidence, Cena actually wrestled a Saturday Morning Slam match on Tuesday and will be wrestling Damien Sandow on Main Event next week. Cena had never wrestled on either show before and he wouldn't suddenly start after suffering an injury.


Rumor Mill: Cena's Injury Reportedly a Work (via




"'Lo Down" on Aces & Eights

By now, even the staunchest supporters of TNA have begun to admit defeat with regards to the Aces & Eights angle. Although it was awful from the beginning, I was willing to give it a chance since so many fans seemed interested in it.

All we have gotten over the past several months, however, has been constant brawls between the gang and the TNA roster, horrible backstage segments and uninspiring revealings such as Devon and DOC.


Question on Everybody's Mind: Is D'Lo Brown VP in Aces & Eights?

With the likes of Devon and DOC already revealed as Aces & Eights members and names such as Eric Bischoff, Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco, Mike Knox and others in line to be exposed in the near future, Aces & Eights is an unquestioned failure. Rather than either scrapping the angle or attempting to do something big in order to save it, though, it seems like TNA will continue to pile garbage on top of it in hopes that the fans won't notice.

If my suspicions are correct, that garbage includes D'Lo Brown being revealed as a key member of the group. I was actually a pretty big fan of D'Lo in WWE back in the Attitude Era, but that was about 15 years ago.

D'Lo is now a 42-year-old, out-of-shape road agent for TNA and he shouldn't be anywhere near main storylines. A great deal of evidence is now pointing toward D'Lo being the member of Aces & Eights known as VP, however.


Ring Rust Radio's Take

There aren't any inside sources telling me that D'Lo is in the group, but if my sleuth skills are accurate, then that will be the case. I've been trying to figure out the identity of VP for quite some time because none of the jobbers rumored to be in the group fit his profile.

VP is the short, stout member of Aces & Eights whose body is completely covered in clothing. He is often seen talking during their clubhouse meetings and wielding a gavel. Purely from a physical standpoint, he looks an awful lot like D'Lo.

Also, D'Lo insisted on telling Bruce Prichard and Taz that Wes Brisco was a blue chipper when Kurt Angle pitched him for Gut Check. It was strange since D'Lo has nothing to do with Gut Check. Every fan realizes that Brisco is in Aces & Eights, so D'Lo pushing for him would make sense if he was part of the group as well.

Normally, I would dismiss this intuition as pure speculation on my part, but all the pieces fit together and it would be a vintage move by TNA.



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