The Big Show: Where Is He Heading as World Champion in WWE?

Nick HouserCorrespondent IINovember 23, 2012

Big Show unexpectedly won the World Heavyweight Championship—now what? (Photo Credit:
Big Show unexpectedly won the World Heavyweight Championship—now what? (Photo Credit:

Not many expected the Big Show to unseat Sheamus as World Heavyweight champion, and when he did, no one thought it would last longer than a Dolph Ziggler cash-in the same night. The fact that Show won and Ziggler has yet to take advantage has many wondering where this angle is going.

Eliminating the obvious statement that anything could happen, there's only really three reasonable possibilities.

The events, listed in order from most sense to least, are as follows: Show holds the belt as a transitional champion until Ziggler cashes in successfully, Sheamus regains the title or Show is given a legitimate title reign.

Here are the arguments for each event.

Big Show Will Be a Legitimate Champion with a Dominant Run

Perhaps the Big Show is actually being provided time as a World Heavyweight champion.

He captured the WWE Championship twice, but neither reign lasted longer than two months. The only other time he held the World Heavyweight Championship, Show lost it the same night and instead gained the record for shortest stint as champion.

It is plausible that at this point in his career, WWE is rewarding Show for his hard work, dedication to the craft and loyalty.

But then there's the task of deciding how long this "reward" should last.

Currently, he has held the belt about 30 days. For a legend of his stature, who also lacks a worthwhile title run, you could make a case for Show to hold the title well into 2013. In fact, depending on how close he is to retirement (acknowledging there has been zero talk of this), he could keep the title until then, exploiting his sendoff as a pivotal moment for him, the next talent in line and the company.

It does make sense.

Show has always dominated the opposition. He is huge, and typically the WWE bills him as an unstoppable beast. Yet when it comes to titles, he is capable of being stopped.

If he's one of the biggest and strongest, he really should be the champ.

Alas, the cons.

Keeping the World Heavyweight Championship around Show's waist causes some problems. For instance, Royal Rumble and WrestleMania are right around the corner. It is extremely doubtful that WWE would want to keep the belt on Show during two of their biggest events of the year. He's not quite the caliber of Superstar as The Rock, The Undertaker or John Cena. He's no longer an up-and-comer like CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler or Ryback.

Royal Rumble, fine. But WrestleMania requires more pizazz.

Not to say Show doesn't deserve the title, but when it comes to list of guys in line—Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Randy Orton or even Sheamus again—they would be a bit more captivating.

Big Show Will Lose the Title to Sheamus, Making the Great White Look Stronger

If Big Show loses the World Heavyweight Championship at TLC, his reign will have ended at just under 50 days.

One might ask, "Why bother switching back and forth between Sheamus and Show?"

Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

The World Heavyweight Championship's inaugural champion, Triple H, held the title for 76 days before losing it to Shawn Michaels. But 28 days later, Triple H regained the belt. Even after Triple H lost it again, he took it back—from Goldberg this time—84 days later.

Chris Jericho won it back from Batista after eight days; Cena took it from Edge in 49 days, and then it went back to Edge 21 days later. Punk and Jeff Hardy have traded it, Edge and Ziggler have swapped it, Orton and Christian have exchanged it.

The point is, it happens—more frequently than you might expect.

A move like this would be pretty brilliant in making Sheamus look incredibly powerful. He went toe-to-toe with Show at Hell in a Cell, but he couldn't overcome two WMDs. Sheamus then won by disqualification (hence, no title victory) at Survivor Series.

Now, the two battle at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs. If you've been watching WWE programming, you'd be right to guess the match will be a chairs match.

Sheamus' taking down of the largest man in the business would be huge for his career.

Besides, he's already a "Triple H guy," so seeing him regain the belt and holding it for an even longer reign wouldn't be all that hard to imagine.

Big Show Will Be a Transitional Champion Until Dolph Ziggler Is Ready

In 2012, Ziggler won the Money in the Bank briefcase, allowing him the opportunity to "cash in" on a match with the World Heavyweight champion any time he chooses. He also became the last man standing for his team at Survivor Series, winning the match.

Those are two huge achievements.

Winning both makes it clear that WWE believes in Ziggler. There is just one problem.

Ziggler has already had several opportunities—legitimately earned title shots without winning gimmick matches—and lost. He has even tried to cash in a few times and failed.

This has to mean one of two things.

First, WWE is building Ziggler up as a lovable loser. The WWE Universe recognizes his talent and appreciates it. But he continues to lose. Each time, fans want him to win the next one more and more. WWE sees this, so they continue to make him lose so that when he finally does win, the victory will be met with overwhelming joy and support from the crowd.

That, or they flat out don't think he's ready.

The accomplishments are a way to push him, but the losses keep him from peaking too soon. By maintaining the briefcase, Ziggler stays in the picture. He has to, after all, because without winning the championship, the only other way for him to go is down.

This path branches out to a variety of new directions.

In a nutshell, Sheamus could lose at TLC but destroy Show in the process. Ziggler cashes in, becomes champion and feuds with Show during rematches for the next few PPVs. The opposite could happen as well—Sheamus wins but is a wreck in the aftermath and Ziggler takes advantage—but it's unlikely.

Ultimately, if the strap is going to be given to Ziggler, the easiest and most obvious way to do it is to go through the Big Show.

As you can see, though, in two out of three of these situations (three out of four if you want to add Show dropping the title to someone else entirely), Show comes out on the losing end.

This stint, like his others, conceivably won't be very long.


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