WWE Champion CM Punk Returns to Form with Hissy Fit on Twitter

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistNovember 24, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

With Kelly Kelly gone from the WWE after coming to terms with the promotion back in September to pursue outside opportunities in entertainment, the field for WWE's top Diva has become more wide open than ever. 

Could Layla assume the throne?  What about the talented and athletic Eve Torres?  This immense opportunity certainly calls for a Natalya sighting doesn't it?

But with a Tweet here and a tirade there, the once-heated competition for WWE's top Diva really wasn't ever much of a competition. 

Because the biggest Diva in the WWE is CM Punk.

The yearlong WWE Champion also boasts the title of the WWE's top Diva by defying the smart, sexy powerful tagline used to describe the female combatants through an incessant, somewhat paranoid barrage of complaints regarding his standing in the WWE. 

It's actually what has made him a top star, as Punk views himself as the best in the world and refuses to be painted with any other brush.  CM Punk's fascinating documentary released earlier this year contains multiple accounts of CM Punk becoming a backstage nuisance upon learning of any main-event scenario that excluded him. 

Among these examples is working with Randy Orton at WrestleMania XXVII, where Punk took exception to being booked as Orton's "mechanic," the Miz main-eventing that year's WrestleMania and Punk working a dark match against R-Truth shortly after main-eventing SummerSlam. 

This time around, Punk has taken his life-imitating-art gripes to Twitter.

After going over the talking heads of the WWE's promotional machine to land himself a gig on AMC's The Talking Dead, CM Punk's outside appearances also include being a Grand Marshall during Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  

Punk was none too pleased that none of these appearances were heavily promoted by the WWE.  Just read the vitriol he poured into his Twitter account as his frustration with the company visibly mounted:


Yes, I will be on @amctalkingdead on Sunday. Shocking how WWE didn't promote it or get AMC the proper materials in time to announce it.

— CM Punk (@CMPunk) November 20, 2012

I will also be the Grand Marshall in the Chicago turkey day parade. Also not announced or promoted by "my" company. Shocking.

— CM Punk (@CMPunk) November 20, 2012

This is what happens when you go over everyone's head to hustle and acquire your own outside appearances. #DIY

— CM Punk (@CMPunk) November 20, 2012

While it's easy to dismiss these Twitter rants as CM Punk playing up his character's disrespect angle, the sources of Punk's frustration comes from a very real place of being under-promoted and feeling the need to further his brand on his own.

Adding another dimension of reality to Punk's latest rift with the WWE are reports that Punk has been fuming (h/t WNZ) at the possibility of dropping his WWE Championship to the Rock.  Punk has repeatedly dissed the Rock, both in and out of character, for his cushy part-time role with the WWE.

For a guy who prides himself on wanting change within the WWE, Punk sure seems to be staunch in his opposition to ending a title reign in excess of 365 days.

Punk's name has also been thrown around internally as the mystery top star who verbally undressed (h/t WNZ) Vince McMahon backstage at a TV taping in a reported tirade that had his stench on it from the beginning.

Another topic of tantrum is Punk once again being omitted from WWE's promotional material for WrestleMania 29, further fueling the WWE Champion's angst.

It would be inaccurate to say that CM Punk is not justified in his laundry list of complaints that have been touched upon in the context of both storyline and dirtsheet reporting.

But as these familiar gripes continue to pile up, they simply become noise, warranting nothing more than a rolling of the eyes from those with the misfortune of hearing it.

It won't be too long until matters involving CM Punk taking the proverbial stand against the WWE become just that—noise.  The louder the noise gets, the closer CM Punk will get to the bitter old wrestler who creates a caricature out of his own legacy.