BCS Rankings 2012: Why Florida Actually Has a Better Resume Than Notre Dame

Maxwell Ogden@MaxwellOgdenCorrespondent IIINovember 26, 2012

TALLAHASSEE, FL - NOVEMBER 24:  Mike Gillislee #23 of the Florida Gators scores a touchdown during a game against the Florida State Seminoles at Doak Campbell Stadium on November 24, 2012 in Tallahassee, Florida.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
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With the 2012 college football regular season all but in the books, we have been granted access to what will be the second-to-last BCS rankings update prior to the BCS National Championship Game in January. As one could only expect, undefeated Notre Dame sits pretty at No. 1.




No. 1

Notre Dame


No. 2



No. 3



No. 4



No. 5



No. 6

Kansas State


No. 7



No. 8



No. 9

Texas A&M


No. 10

South Carolina


No. 11



No. 12



No. 13

Florida State


No. 14



No. 15

Oregon State


No. 16



No. 17

Kent State


No. 18



No. 19



No. 20

Boise State


No. 21

Northern Illinois


No. 22



No. 23

Oklahoma State


No. 24

Utah State


No. 25

San Jose State 


With that said, the No. 4 Florida Gators actually have a better resume than Notre Dame.

There is no way around how deserving Notre Dame is of the opportunity they are poised to receive. They finished the season as the only undefeated team in the nation, which by default qualifies them as the best team in the nation, until proven otherwise.

Due to their 17-9 loss to the No. 3 Georgia Bulldogs, Florida will not have the opportunity to rise up and prove that they do indeed reign supreme. Georgia won the SEC East due to said game, thus eliminating Florida from the SEC Championship Game, thereby eliminating them from the national title picture.

For that reason, deciding whether Florida truly is better than Notre Dame will be left to paper speculators. Fortunately for those curious minds, the speculation will begin here.

There are few, if any, teams in the nation who have a resume to match Florida's. With their wins over highly-ranked opponents in their consistently difficult schedule, the Gators have done the unthinkable week in and week out.

It just so happens that their one slip-up came against the team they could not afford to lose to—a Georgia team who may now take their own place in the BCS National Championship.

Now you know why every game counts.

With all of this established, how is it that Florida outclasses Notre Dame? Here's an in-depth evaluation of each team's resume to explain just that.


Who They Beat: Notre Dame

Anyone who tells you that Notre Dame had an easy schedule is either overcome by bias or simply hasn't checked their facts. On the contrary, the Irish have played quite a difficult schedule and have the wins to show for it—even if there were some lackluster games in between.

The Irish won road games against then-No. 8 Oklahoma and then-No. 10 Michigan State. They also won at home against then-No. 17 Stanford and then-No. 18 Michigan, which proves how real this team is.

Even a road victory over USC and a home win over BYU is more impressive than any win-loss records can show.

Unfortunately, USC and Michigan State are both unranked in the latest edition of the BCS rankings. Stanford saves the Irish by ranking at No. 8, but the Michigan Wolverines have fallen to No. 19—which is where Florida's advantage begins.


Who They Beat: Florida

Thus far this season, the Florida Gators have five victories against teams that, at one point or another, ranked within the Top 25. Four of those victories came against teams that presently rank in the top 13.

Has anyone in the nation been as consistently brilliant?

The Florida Gators defeated then-No. 4 LSU 14-6, then-No. 7 South Carolina 44-11, and then-No. 10 Florida State 37-26. They also smothered Johnny Football and won 20-17 against Texas A&M.

As of the most recent BCS rankings, LSU ranks No. 7, Texas A&M No. 9, South Carolina No. 10 and Florida State No. 13.

Florida's lone loss came by a score of 17-9 against then-No. 10 (now No. 3) Georgia. This is what separates Florida from the top team in the nation and why they are missing out on the BCS National Championship Game altogether.

As one last resume-padder, Florida took down then-No. 23 Tennessee 37-20 when the Vols were hot and not yet self-destructive.


Similar Build, More Significant Results

The Florida Gators and Notre Dame Fighting Irish are built in virtually the same way. They lack consistency at quarterback, rely heavily on stout run games and have smothering defenses that can win any game.

Don't believe it? Check the numbers.

Both Florida and Notre Dame are averaging 26.8 points per game. Florida ranks third in the nation by allowing 12.9 points per game, while Notre Dame ranks second at 10.3.

Florida is running for 194.1 yards per contest, while Notre Dame is going for 202.5. So the numbers favor the Irish, right?


Florida's average margin of victory against ranked opponents is 13.8. Notre Dame, meanwhile, has won by an average of 12.0 points.

Notre Dame also had three-point victories over Purdue, BYU and Pittsburgh in overtime. They also picked up an underwhelming 21-6 victory over Boston College.

That said, Florida's wins over Missouri, Louisiana-Lafayette and Jacksonville State were rather unimpressive in their own right. Fortunately for Will Muschamp's crew, the Gators also played five opponents that now rank within the top 13.

ND played just two.

The fact of the matter is, Florida could not escape their battle with Georgia victorious, which neutralizes each and every other achievement they have on their impressive resume.

In turn, Notre Dame is the lone undefeated team in the nation and have secured their bid to the BCS National Championship Game—and rightfully so.


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