TNA Wrestling: Gut Check Offers Hope for Independent Wrestlers

Daniel Peragine@DPMajesticCoSenior Analyst IINovember 26, 2012

TNA star Kurt Angle in the ring with Wes Brisco
TNA star Kurt Angle in the ring with Wes Brisco

TNA Wrestling has suddenly emerged as the land of opportunities for independent wrestlers.

Although it may not be able to compete with World Wrestling Entertainment just yet in terms of viewership and having shows air from large arenas, TNA's Gut Check concept should be highly praised in the wrestling community.

After all, it truly is a concept that gives not just young but also aging seasonal veterans who are in the twilight of their careers, an opportunity to compete for a TNA contract and be added on its roster. It is the perfect formula towards finding new talent. 

Looking at the list of talents TNA found through Gut Check that have appeared on Impact! Wrestling, the company is on the verge of grabbing the finest wrestlers on the independent market.

Some of the those wrestlers include Joey Ryan, who is a rising star in the making with his character appearance. Another wrestling star looking for a second chance is Christian York. York is off to a fresh start after his impressive match against TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy on this past edition of Impact! Wrestling.  

Other Gut Check winners also got to showcase their talent including Taeler Hendrix, Sam Shaw and Alex Silva on Impact! Wrestling last week. The most recent wrestler awaiting to hear whether he made the roster is Wes Brisco.

TNA is also making the right move by taking Gut Check on the road, visiting cities and allowing small-market talents a chance to live their dream and make the roster. 


My take on why Gut Check has made Impact! Wrestling a better program to watch:

The one thing I have noticed is that ever since the introduction of Gut Check earlier this year, Impact! Wrestling has gotten better around that program.

TNA is doing right by focusing on creating future superstars rather than luring in well-known but aging veterans, which ultimately backfired on its product early in the Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff era.

Although I do have mixed reactions to the Hogan-Bischoff term, it appears the upper brass of TNA has done many good things in 2012, and Gut Check should be high on that list. 

TNA has a future to look forward to. Whether or not they achieve their goals in terms of viewership, the most important factor for the company is to remain innovative with its Gut Check segment. Gut Check is the hope for many independent wrestlers who are looking to become a true star in the wrestling business.