Robert Nkemdiche: Top Recruit Would Be Foolish to Commit to Ole Miss in 2 Weeks

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIINovember 26, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

No. 1 overall recruit Robert Nkemdiche's family has been very vocal about his recruiting process, and his brother, Denzel, has offered up the latest bit of information regarding the 5-star defensive end's recruitment.

Robert will apparently make his commitment in two weeks according to his brother, and while anything is possible, it seems as if Ole Miss would be the logical choice at this juncture.

That said, he would be making a mistake to commit to the Rebels on this time line.

Michael Carvell of reports on Denzel Nkemdiche's quotes to reporters after the Ole Miss game (h/t John Talty/Clarion-Ledger):

On Saturday night, Nkemdiche made an unofficial visit to watch Ole Miss, where his brother is a freshman linebacker. After the game, Denzel Nkemdiche was asked by reporters about what his heralded younger brother thought about the Ole Miss win over Mississippi State and the environment for the game:

“Robert told me personally, I don’t know if I’m supposed to say it, but he told me he’s committing in two weeks,” Denzel Nkemdiche told reporters (on Saturday night). “That’s just the honest truth. That’s what he told me and he wouldn’t lie to his brother.”

You can also listen to Denzel Nkemdiche's quotes at the 2:20 mark of this video via The Oxford Eagle:

Since he decommited from Clemson, Ole Miss has been thought to be the leader for (Robert) Nkemdiche's commitment. His brother plays there, and his mother has been very open about wanting her two sons to play together. Nkemdiche himself even admitted to being torn between Clemson and Ole Miss, and this was back when he was still a Clemson commit.

All signs point to Ole Miss being the school where Nkemdiche eventually winds up, but what's the rush if you're Nkemdiche? He's the most talented recruit in the country, and he's the most sought after recruit in the country.

247Sports has Ole Miss as the leader on his interest list (not surprisingly), but it also has Alabama listed as a "warm interest," and there's no doubting that the Crimson Tide are light years ahead of the Rebels in regards to the on-field football product.

Georgia, LSU and even Clemson are all also still in the mix according to 247Sports, and considering that his future hinges on this one decision, it would be smart to at least give those other stellar programs another look or two.

There's really no rush, so why not evaluate other options?

We've seen Nkemdiche make a quick decision before, and just look how it ended up for both parties involved. National signing day is still a long way away, and that's when his mind truly has to be made up. Until then though, there's wisdom in keeping his options open and evaluating other schools.

Taking official visits to these other potential schools could be incredibly beneficial for not just Robert, but for his family as well. If Ole Miss is the right fit for them, those visits won't hurt, and at the very least, they can say that they did their due diligence. If not, though, taking that extra time could be the difference between making the wrong decision, and the right one.

Either way, Nkemdiche shouldn't rush the process.

Lost in the Nkemdiche saga is all of the pressure that he's undoubtedly feeling as the No. 1 recruit. Everybody wants his commitment and everybody has an opinion. His every move is scrutinized, analyzed (guilty as charged) and put under a microscope.

The reality of the situation, though, is that this is a young man making one of the biggest decisions of his entire life, and it's a decision that will impact not just his football career, but his future in general.

There's no reason to put a two-week window on this kind of decision, and it's foolish to believe that that's an adequate amount of time—no matter how obvious the decision seems.

Sure, the pressure to play at Ole Miss is there from his family, but he'd be doing himself, and his talent, a disservice by making another hasty commitment.

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