Top Five Best And Worst WWE Finishers

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IMarch 20, 2009

A WWE finisher is what gets all of fans out of their seats. Some finishers can be unexpected and amazing when seen.

Some are predictable, but still exciting to watch. Some are predictable and just plain boring. The WWE has many great finishers and many pathetic ones.


Best Finishers


5. FU

John Cena has a few finishers, but this is truly one of the good ones. The attitude adjustment can come out of anywhere which always excites the fans. The fact that he can lift someone like Mike Knox perfectly on his shoulder is just amazing.

And the FU is a great way to finish a match. That's why FU comes in at No. 5.


4. Go To Sleep

Go To Sleep is CM Punk's signature finisher. Punk has put away many opponents with this move such as Edge, William Regal, John Morrison, etc. He has excited many fans with this move.

When Punk connects the knee to his opponent's jaw it almost seems like he really does make his opponent go to sleep. That is why GTS comes is the No. 4 best finisher.


3. Pedigree

Triple H's favorite way to win finish a match comes in at three. A Pedigree really gets the fans jumping. The Pedigree can come from anywhere. When he does try to connect it though, it seems kind of predictable.

Yet when he does it fans still go, "Wow." So anyway, the Pedigree is at No. 3.


2. Sweet Chin Music

There really isn't much to this move, but it's one of the most exciting ones. Whenever it hits someone right in the chin/jaw it excites us all. The sweet chin music can come at any time which is what makes it really exciting. This is what makes it the second best finisher.


1. RKO

They're more than just initials for Randy Orton's name. They stand for one of the most deadliest finishers in WWE history. The RKO can come from anywhere. It is truly amazing.

The best RKO I've probably ever seen is when Cena and Orton where tagged up together against the Raw roster and Cena tossed Carlito from the top rope and Orton caught him in mid-air for the RKO. This is one of the many reasons I put the RKO as the No. 1 best finisher in the WWE.



5. 619

The 619 may bring the fans to their feet, but it is too predictable. Plus, the 619 has to be set up unlike some of the good finishers that can be done out of anywhere. When it connects it doesn't do much damage because he still has to jump for the pin. For those reasons the 619 is the fifth worst finisher.


4. Spear

Edge's spear is pathetic to the other Spears we have seen. Edge honestly does not know how to sell the Spear. Goldberg is probably the only one who does a good Spear and maybe Batista, but let's get back to Edge.

Honestly, Edge's spear appears to be so sloppy it looks like he jumps and hopes for the best. For those bad qualities, Edge's Spear comes in as the fourth worst WWE finisher.


3. Five-knuckle Shuffle

Cena has a few finishers as I said atop. FU is one of the good ones, unlike the five-knuckle shuffle which just looks odd. There is really no point to to this move. 

He just comes off the rope and hits his opponent's throat with his knuckles. For this, the five-knuckle shuffle is the third worst finisher.


2. Knockout Punch

I don't know what Big Show was thinking with this move. A punch that knocks someone out, wow. This is as boring as it gets.

The fans don't want to see a punch finish a match, they want to see a move like an RKO or Pedigree. Not a piece of crap punch. That's why Knockout Punch comes in as the second worst finishing move.


1. Clothesline from Hell

This is without a doubt the worst finisher ever. It's just a clothesline—big deal. Just adding "Hell" doesn't make it good. This type of move doesn't get anybody out of their seats—it's just plain pathetic. For that it comes in as WWE's No. 1 finisher.