Kevin Durant Drops "Tha Formula" Rap Single

John Degroote@john_degrooteCorrespondent IINovember 26, 2012

Kevin Durant aka Sniper Jones
Kevin Durant aka Sniper Jones

During the NBA offseason, reports surfaced that Kevin Durant was working with Stephen Jackson on the song "Lonely At The Top" from Jackson's mixtape Jack of All Trades.

Now Durant, also known by his rap name Sniper Jones, has now dropped his own single titled "Tha Formula." The song also features an artist who goes by the name of B-Simp.

Here are some lyrics from the song:

Formulating the plan, no more making the gram. The violins are so shiolin, I escape to Japan. Spend the day in the sand, that’s just so my lady can tan. And usually it’s nothing, but today she just called me her man.

Small talk or small money don’t fit on my schedule. I’m lounging back and I’m just making moves. I grew up broke but doing that time I was paying dues. I’m just youngin' just stuck in my ways. Learning how to be a boss now I was stuck in the fames.

Hot New Hip Hop has the entire song, which is currently No. 6 on their Top 100 tracks.

Durant is clearly better on the court than he is on the track. The Oklahoma City star delivers some clever lines, but most of the song sounds off-beat.

Durant is one of the last players in the NBA who you would think would try his hand in the rap game, but he has expressed interest in releasing a full-length mixtape.

"I enjoy doing a a lot of different things," Durant told The Washington Post in August. "I'm talented in a lot of different areas. Rapping is one of those things I just enjoy doing…I think I'm going to do something. I have some resources and some nice people that's going to help me out. I have a studio in my house already. Maybe I might put out a little something and have a little something."

If you are actually impressed by Durant's rap skills, you can check out his other songs that have been released like: "Wired," "Gotta have it" or "Worried about the future"

The three-time NBA scoring champ is currently averaging 26.5 points, 9.4 rebounds, 4.5 assists and two steals a game this season. Durant and the Thunder take on the Charlotte Bobcats at home on Monday night.


What do you think? Is it painful to listen to Durant rap? Does the OKC star have a future in the rap game, or should we add him to the list of athletes who have made fools of themselves by getting into the studio?