Nick Foles: Grading Rookie Quarterback's Performance so Far in 2012

Jamal CollierAnalyst IIINovember 27, 2012

Nick Foles completed 16 passes for 119 yards on Monday Night Football.
Nick Foles completed 16 passes for 119 yards on Monday Night Football.Al Bello/Getty Images

Nick Foles shares a common thread with Vince Young, Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb: he’s a quarterback who has been a backup in Andy Reid’s system—until he wasn’t. Young, Vick and Kolb had the luxury of at least a year of NFL experience prior to starting for the Philadelphia Eagles.

As a rookie, Foles cannot share in that comparison. Could it be that Foles’ struggles are because he is a rookie? Sure. Still, Kolb was a better QB under Reid than Foles has been thus far.

Vick and Young were in a completely different class as relief-duty signal-callers.

Kolb looked good enough to the Arizona Cardinals that they acquired him in a trade. His career stats as an Eagle: 194-of-319 passing (60.8 completion percentage), 2,082 yards, 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions in 19 appearances.

Taken as a whole, why his stat line attracted another NFL team is puzzling—and justifiably so after witnessing his tenure as a member of the Cardinals—but Foles’ numbers don’t even compete with that.

Foles threw for 219 yards, a touchdown and an interception against the Dallas Cowboys after Vick went down with a concussion. In his two starts since, he’s thrown for a combined 323 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions against the Washington Redskins and Carolina Panthers—two defenses that aren’t exactly top-tier units in this year’s NFL.

The temptation to give Foles an incomplete grade is pronounced—the rookie has had to deal with a lot of adversity, including poor offensive line play and the respective declining health of peripheral offensive options LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson.

But when it’s report card time, it’s report card time.

The rookie went 16-of-21 passing on Monday Night Football but actually didn’t move the ball, totaling 119 passing yards on the night. His professional completion percentage now sits at 59.6 percent. Foles deserves more time to prove himself as extraneous issues in Philadelphia resolve themselves, but he has been less than impressive thus far.

Overall Grade: C-.


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