Ryback Needs to Lose the "Terminator Voice" to Be a Bona Fide WWE Superstar

Chris Petlak@chrispetlakContributor IIINovember 27, 2012

Ryback is on his way to becoming a bona fide WWE Superstar.
Ryback is on his way to becoming a bona fide WWE Superstar.

The man who started as Skip Sheffield has re-emerged as the immovable force, Ryback.

He's already challenged CM Punk twice for the WWE Championship and one of those matches included John Cena, the unofficial King of the WWE. (Okay, it's basically official.)

"Feed Me More!"

It's a chant we're quickly becoming all too familiar with.

For the most part, WWE Creative has let Ryback's actions in the ring speak for themselves, but on a few occasions he's taken to the mic.

The problem? He sounds like a malfunctioning terminator.

The man can dead lift CM Punk into a Power Bomb and nearly rip a man's head off with one obliterating clothesline, but when he gets on the mic, he's laughable.

Why not just let Ryback speak as...Ryback?

When he was known as Skip Sheffield, a member of Nexus, he took the mic numerous times and showed that he can hold his own.

Over the last 10 years, WWE has done away with the "Vampires" and "Boogeymen" that used to enter the ring with elaborate back stories about their origins. So why diminish his in-ring talent with a lame "machine-like" voice?

Ryback has already overcome a lot of adversity in the last two months. The man used to consistently receive the "Gold-Berg!" chant. Now, crowds chant "Feed Me More!" before his music even hits. 

The WWE needs another star. John Cena isn't getting any younger, Edge was forced into retirement, Triple H and Undertaker can only handle one or two matches a year (tops), and CM Punk can't hold the WWE Championship forever.

Ryback is here. He's ready, and the WWE Universe is embracing him.

The next time Ryback takes the mic, let him speak like the enraged man he is, and not like a one-note robot. 

WWE Creative, you have a bona fide WWE Superstar 90 percent of the way there—let his real mic work take him over the hump.