Greg Jennings Is Not the Missing Link to Changing the Packers' Offensive Woes

Andrew GardaFeatured ColumnistNovember 27, 2012

Reports have it that wide receiver Greg Jennings could return against the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday. The Press-Gazette's Rob Demovsky at least thinks it could be the key to solving the offense's issues.

Funny, but I was unaware of Jennings' skills as a guard or tackle.

Listen, I get that the offense is a hot mess at times. Jennings' return isn't about to change that though, and to think otherwise is court insanity.

Demovsky says that against the Cover 2 defenses the Packers have seen and will see again, Jennings running in the middle of the field would hit the defense where it hurts. It's true, as Demovsky says, that tight end Jermichael Finley has not been good in taking advantage of it. 

But is Jennings going to turn that around?

More to the point, what can he do that Randall Cobb can't?

If we're going to talk about receivers making an impact in the middle of the field, why isn't Cobb running those routes Finley routinely underperforms in?

Here's the thing, though—the problem isn't the routes run or any issues with the receivers.

The problem is that the offensive line is being overpowered. It's hurt and in transition to make up for the injuries, so it's struggling.

Depth across the offensive line has been a concern all season and now that it is being tested, it is also being found wanting.

The return of Greg Jennings isn't going to change that at all. He's not going to play tackle. He can't play guard.

Jennings can't have an impact if Aaron Rodgers is on his back.

That's how the Giants beat them. Not with a crushing effort by the secondary (though New York's played very well), but with a crushing effort by the front four.

Demovsky mentions the Giants only rushing four on a consistent basis Sunday night and having success. How does Jennings stop that from happening?

Quite simply, he doesn't. Even on the rare play where the Packers pulled in extra blockers on Sunday (and that is a very rare thing), they failed to protect Rodgers.

It's great if Jennings returns this weekend. It can't hurt to have yet another solid option for Rodgers.

It's just not solving the problem.

Thinking that his return will do anything to solve the real problem—an inability to stop Aaron Rodgers from being pounded into paste—is just wishing for a quick fix.

There is no magic cure for the offense. There is no instant fix. The line has issues, there are players hurt and missing, and all are guys who you cannot replace on the fly in November.

So unless Jennings is strapping on his cleats to try his hand at left tackle, his return won't fix what is truly broken.


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