Could the Shield Become a Force in the WWE Tag Team Title Picture?

Bill Atkinson@@BAtkinson1963Analyst INovember 27, 2012

Following his loss to CM Punk Monday night, Kane is attacked by the Shield. ( photo)
Following his loss to CM Punk Monday night, Kane is attacked by the Shield. ( photo)

There is an unwritten rule in wrestling that if a champion gets attacked in the ring, eventually the attacker or attackers will get a shot at the title.

Judging by their actions on Monday night’s Raw show, the Shield may have thrown themselves into the WWE Tag Team title picture.

Moments after CM Punk defeated Kane, the trio ran into the ring and started pounding on the co-holder of the Tag Team Championship. Then, when Daniel Bryan ran in to try and save his partner, the Shield attacked him and tossed him ringside.

Since they burst onto the WWE's main scene at Survivor Series earlier this month, the Shield—former NXT’ers Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose—have created quite a name for themselves. So far, most of their wrath has been aimed at Ryback, but the Raw show Monday was the first time they attacked someone other than the “Feed Me More” man.

Sure, right now, their storyline is focused on thwarting Ryback’s attempts to get his hands on Punk and the WWE Championship. But by attacking Kane and then Bryan on Raw, the Shield also may have muddied the water in the tag team division.

Nothing is definite yet, but you would have to believe that the attack Monday is going to lead to a match between Kane and Bryan—Team Hell No—and two members of the Shield. It likely will not be for the title, but how the Shield performs against Kane and Bryan in that match could determine whether WWE wants to put them in the title picture.

If the past is any indication, then don’t be surprised to see the Shield challenge for and maybe even win the tag titles.

Right now, the front-runners for a title shot are the high-fliers, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. They are the feel-good pick to win the belts because Mysterio is closer to the end of his career than the beginning.

However, when you match high flying against grounded strength, the guys who stay on the ground are usually the ones who prevail.

The main reason why the Shield could be such a good tag team is because of the possible combinations of talent. You could have muscle and brains in Reigns-Ambrose, muscle and agility in Reigns-Rollins or agility and brains in Rollins-Ambrose. Hence, opponents would be challenged to figure out how to approach a match with them.

Currently, there are only two three-man factions in WWE—the Shield and 3MB. However, while 3MB seems to be focused on working the midcard, the Shield has gone after WWE’s big dogs. That instantly puts them ahead of 3MB in line for WWE gold.

There is another reason why a possible title run for the Shield looks good.

So far, Punk and Paul Heyman have distanced themselves from the Shield, and the Shield claims they are not affiliated with the WWE champion and his advisor. But even a blind man could see that is not going to be the case much longer.

It may be at WWE TLC 2012 or even earlier, but sometime soon, Punk and Heyman will join forces with the Shield to launch what could be one of the best stables WWE has seen in quite a while. You can also add Brock Lesnar and Brad Maddox to that picture. And I still have a gut feeling that once he makes his long-anticipated heel turn, Randy Orton could find his way into the Heyman-led group.

If the Shield could capture the tag titles, that adds even more swagger and more heat to an already star-studded stable. It would be a stable that could create enough heat to make global warming look like air conditioning.


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