NFL Picks Week 13: How Coaches on the Hot Seat Will Fare

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PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 02: Head coach Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles meets with head coach Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys after their game on January 2, 2011 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Cowboys defeated the Eagles 14-13.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
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There is no doubt that the Philadelphia Eagles' seven-game losing streak has Andy Reid on the hot seat. Reid told the Washington Post:

I take full responsibility. There’s a way to get through, and I’m not doing it right now. Coaches have told you they gotta do a better job. Players have told you they gotta do a better job. End result is you have to do a better job.

Whenever quotes like that are surfacing from a coach, the writing is on the wall. The Eagles put together a team stocked with big names and high salaries heading into the 2011 season, but they missed the playoffs. 

This year, the futility has gotten even worse as they sit at 3-8 for the season. The Eagles may be too far gone to save Reid's job, but it is safe to say he can't afford to lose this game.


Is Jason Garrett on the Hot Seat As Well?

Reid may not be the only coach on the hot seat in the Week 13 Sunday night game. Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett can't feel too secure right now. Just three weeks ago, Jean-Jacques Taylor of ESPN reported:

Jerry (Jones) is loyal to Garrett and respects him immensely. But at 70, Jerry is more loyal to winning and his legacy than he is to Garrett.

The Cowboys won two in a row following their 19-13 loss to the Falcons, but they lost on Thanksgiving to the Washington Redskins. At 5-6, the Cowboys are in danger of missing the playoffs for the third consecutive year.

For such a talented team with a demanding owner, that is an issue.


What Gives?

As inconsistent as the Cowboys have been, the Eagles are in complete shambles now. Mike Vick still hasn't cleared his concussion-recovery tests (though he could be cleared this week, per Eric Marmon of the Huffington Post); Nick Foles is not a legitimate starting quarterback; DeSean Jackson is out for the season, per ESPN; and they're on the road.

This game figures to stamp out any possible chance that Reid remains the Eagles head coach. The Cowboys should move to 6-6, but if they don't make the playoffs, Garrett will be in trouble.


Norv Turner May Be Out of Chances

It seems like Turner narrowly escapes termination every season.

The San Diego Chargers usually put together a late-season run that saves Turner's job. At 4-7, with five games to go, a struggling offense and no hope of winning the division, it is going to be hard to find redeeming value in this season.

It feels like time has finally run out for Turner in San Diego.

At the beginning of the season, Ashley Fox of ESPN wrote:

The Chargers coach almost lost his job after finishing 8-8 last season, but team president Dean Spanos opted to give it one more try with Turner and general manager A.J. Smith.

The weeks since that observation haven't been positive. Offense is supposed to be Turner's specialty, yet the Chargers have been inconsistent on that side of the ball.

They are ranked just 18th in the NFL in passing and 25th in rushing.

In Week 13, they will face the red-hot Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals have won three in a row, and they have been playing well on both sides of the ball. They have outscored their opponents 93-29 during this run, and they will handle the Chargers on Sunday.

If Ray Rice's 29-yard fourth-down conversion didn't break Turner's back in Week 12, this loss almost certainly will.


Romeo Crennel's Effort Just Isn't Enough

Crennel is the perfect example of a head coach that is better suited as a coordinator. As a defensive coach, Crennel's philosophy is proven, and he inspires and relates to defensive players.

As a head coach, there are too many disconnects with the team's offensive direction. He is giving the effort, but at this point, it's too late.

Earlier in the month, Crennel committed an act that screams: "I'm overwhelmed." He removed himself from his post as the defensive coordinator, per Sporting News. Some may say that a head coach should never wear that hat to begin with, but once you've taken on a responsibility as a head man, it looks bad to drop titles.

What looks even worse is the Kansas City Chiefs' 1-10 record. That of course has precipitated the reshuffling of responsibilities, and it is the reason Crennel is firmly on the hot seat.

In Week 13, the Chiefs will be home against the Carolina Panthers. If they don't turn the ball over, this is a game they can win.

Then again, who am I kidding?

These are the Chiefs; they are averaging just under three giveaways per game. They have mastered the art of finding a way to lose. The defense won't contain the Panthers enough to compensate for the offense's ineptitude.

Crennel could be the first coach removed from his duties after this game.


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