Liverpool FC: Players Who Need to Step Up in Attack Behind Luis Suarez

Saakib ZafraniCorrespondent IINovember 28, 2012

Luis Suarez leads the Premier League in goals with 10.
Luis Suarez leads the Premier League in goals with 10.Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

After a 2-1 lost to Tottenham Hotspur, it's become apparent that Luis Suarez can't do it all on his own. The rest of the team has to step up and help in the goal scoring effort. 

All things considered, Suarez had a fantastic 90-plus minutes against the 'Spurs, but he couldn't find the back of the net. Liverpool's only goal came from Gareth Bale's face off of a deflection from the goal line. 

With Fabio Borini injured, there's a strain on Liverpool's current squad to find goals. Not that Borini would be a definite answer, as he's still re-adjusting to Premier League, but goals need to come from somewhere. 

It's hard to put the pressure on a 17-year-old Raheem Sterling. He's too young to have that kind of expectation, as good as he's proven to be. 

It seems that Brendan Rodgers has Steven Gerrard playing a more defensive midfield role than he's used to.

Gerrard's entire game relies on pushing forward. That's what he's done since he was promoted to the senior team, and that's where he's the most lethal. 

Unless Rodgers plans on bringing in a poaching striker in January, Suarez will be on his own as long as Gerrard keeps playing at the back. 

Jonjo Shelvey has come close to a number of powerful strikes, but he has yet to find his scoring touch.

The sad truth for the Reds is that Luis Suarez is their only hop for the time being, unless they want to rely on Stewart Downing or Oussama Assaidi for the time being. 

Rodgers will have to bring in a goal-scoring forward in January, or Liverpool will fall by the wayside this season. 

Even in 12th place, the league is wide open for Liverpool, or anyone else really.  They just need to seize the opportunity.

With a couple of quality additions in January, Liverpool could be right back in the race.